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TLT Collaborative: FY2000-2001

TLT Conference, May 2001

The 2001 UNC TLT Collaborative Conference, held at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington on May 23-25, 2001, was an expanded version of the previous year's retreat that brought UNC teaching and learning professionals together with their peers in instructional technology. The 2001 conference promoted community-building, communication, and dialog among professional groups and faculty throughout the UNC system having a direct interest in the effective application of technology for teaching and learning.

Compared to the 2000 retreat, the audience for the 2001 conference was significantly more diverse and, with approximately 190 registered participants, over twice as large. Invited participants included UNC faculty, Teaching and Learning Center directors, TLT professionals, UNC library professionals, and representatives from academic and continuing education programs and IT organizations.

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Related Materials

Conference Report (available soon)

Conference Track Information, Including Results Summaries

Track 1: Philosophy of Teaching and Learning with Technology
Track 2: Current Practice in Technology-Facilitated Teaching and Learning
Track 3: Emerging Tools and Technologies for Teaching and Learning
Track 4: Citizens Building Communities: Collaborative Relationships
Track 5: The Role of Learning Assessment in Forming Successful Learning Communities
Track 6: Strategies for TLT Support of Faculty and Peer-to-Peer Transfer of Technology


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