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Friday July 23 
2001 UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference

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The UNC TLT Collaborative 2001 Conference was held
at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington
on May 2325, 2001.

Strategies for TLT Support of Faculty and Peer-to-Peer Transfer of Technology


  • Jose DArruda, 910-521-6423,
  • George Conklin, 919-530-5369,
  • Chris Weaver, 252-328-1627,

This series of breakout sessions will explore strategies for addressing the interaction of faculty and TLT professionals. This is a two-way street. Participants will consider service and support models relative to communities of interest, levels of experience, technologies available, and instructional techniques suitable for the different disciplines.


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Breakout session A (Wednesday)

Location: Conference center:Residence Inn Room

Examination of the best practices in education and the professional advancement of both professors and TLT professionals.

Session notes


Breakout session B (Thursday)

Location: Conference center:Residence Inn Room

Dialog of professors and TLT staff on mutual needs and alternative models including peer-to-peer technology transfer perhaps with TLT professionals serving as guides and facilitators connecting disciplines as information paths.

Session notes


Breakout session C (Friday)

Location: UNCW Campus:Cameron 101

Discussion of future directions and opportunities for peer-to-peer collaboration and development of faculty-centered conferences and/or symposia focused on the use of technology in the classroom. (The model to be presented will be that from the conferences held in New York State which have been successful).

Session notes


Related resources

Resources will be made available in April following the selection of track facilitators.


Track participants

Greg Simmons - 21
Susan Peck - 35
Donna Petherbridge - 40
Lisa Weatherman - 39
Laura Chapman - 47
Lorraine Stanton - 43
Margaret Baumann - 36
Chris Weaver - 35
Matt Long - 22
Kern Parker - 41
Cheryl Goldstein - 42
Henry Schaffer - 40
Dana Ward - 46
Jill Lane - 39
Tom Jackson - 45
Jose D'Arruda - 45

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