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Monday January 19 
2001 UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference

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The UNC TLT Collaborative 2001 Conference was held
at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington
on May 2325, 2001.

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Participant selection process

Members of the UNC TLT Collaborative Board are asked to coordinate the selection process on their campuses by working with a team of appropriate campus leaders to ensure suitable representation from the targeted professional communities. At this time, eight participants should be selected from the following categories:

  • Teaching and Learning Center director
  • TLT Center director (if applicable)
  • Instructional technology professional staff,
    including College of Education Spangler staff (23)
  • Librarian engaged in TLT
  • Faculty with a strong interest in TLT (23)
    (e.g., the Faculty Assembly representative)
  • Representative of the academic programs office
  • Representative of the continuing education office
  • Representative of the information technology office
    (e.g., the campus representative on the UNC Alliance for Shared Services Board)
  • UNC TLT Board members who do not fit one of the previous categories

A list containing the selected participants names, e-mail addresses, and titles should be forwarded by the Board member to no later than April 2, 2001. These participants should complete their initial registration through the conference web site no later than April 9.

Should any slots remain available following the initial round of registration, additional names will be requested.

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