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Monday March 8 
2001 UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference

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The UNC TLT Collaborative 2001 Conference was held
at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington
on May 2325, 2001.

Current Practice in Technology-Facilitated Teaching and Learning


  • Joyce Williams-Green, 336-750-2090,
  • Caroline Beebe, 919-515-1361,

This track will explore what best practices in TLT are occurring on UNC system campuses and will consider alternative methods of disseminating specifics to others for replication. Success stories will be drawn from the recent experiences of track participants, who will bring relevant projects to the attention of the facilitator prior to the retreat. Of special interest will be updates on practices examined in last years retreat, including the use of course management systems and assistive technologies.


Post-conference summary

Available following the Conference.


Breakout session A (Wednesday)

Location: Conference center:Swain Room

Define critical issues and their priorities. This session will define the critical issues for campuses in TLT. For example, critical issues could include how to best engage faculty in TLT, development of infrastructure such as software/hardware/network, support professional development, project management of traditional courses migrated to web delivery, and/or web content development. Once critical issues are determined, discussion can move to ranking the issues in priority order.

Session notes


Breakout session B (Thursday)

Location: Conference center:Swain Room

Explore best practices, e.g., who is doing what and how is it working? Taking the issues in priority from the first session, participants will discover current or past efforts to address the issue. Through case studies and discussion, best practice examples will emerge or be determined.

Session notes


Breakout session C (Friday)

Location: UNCW Campus:Cameron 123

Consider ways to address issues from session A using the best practices determined in session B, focusing on opportunities for cooperation and collaboration. Develop targeted recommendations/conclusions and action steps, with the objective of propagating local expertise throughout the UNC system.

Session notes


Related resources

Resources will be made available in April following the selection of track facilitators.


Track participants

John Brooks - 36
Norma Smith - 48
Rebecca Adams Sirmon - 21
Assad Tavakoli - 36
Maureen Windmeyer - 45
Demetra Tyner - 35
Katherine Stephenson - 43
Julie Dornberger - 48
Jean Camp - 44
Caroline Beebe - 40
Andrew Lang - 42
Brenda Shaw - 38
Janice Smith - 48
Rebecca Wall - 48
Mary Fox - 48
Don Sweet - 22
Mark Canada - 45
Alisa Chapman - 81
Elizabeth Normandy - 45
Claudia Twiford - 35
Judith Walker - 43
Dr. Donna Benson - 81
Ali Khan - 35
Richard Veit - 46
Larry Arnold - 45
Sherri Andrews - 39

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