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Wednesday August 24 
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Broyhill Center, Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina
May 30 - June 1, 2000


    This retreat is intended to provide an opportunity for communications and dialog among two emerging professional groups throughout UNC - Teaching and Learning Center Directors and Instructional Technology professionals. These are the individuals that are most directly engaged in the delivery of services associated with Teaching and Learning with Technology, but who seldom have the chance to meet each other, share information, discuss common issues and concerns, and strengthen ongoing peer communications across the system. The retreat is hosted by the newly formed UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Collaborative and specific outcomes will be: to help to define the role of this organization in relation to these emerging professional communities; to populate the TLT portal with resource materials; and to identify collaborative opportunities and projects in the area of TLT.


    Number of attendees: 85 (approx.)

    Registration, accommodation and meals (as indicated) will be provided at no cost to attendees. Attendees will be responsible for travel to and from the Broyhill Center, and any other expenses that are incurred.


  • Initial surveys of key resources, tools, practices and services on each campus that will be shared at the Retreat, posted on the Web, and serve as a basis for discussion and review.
  • Discussion of critical issues associated with support for TLT in the areas of:

      Course management systems and development of learning materials, assistive technologies, professional development for faculty and Instructional Technology professionals, assessment of learning effectiveness, and communication structures for system-wide community-building among peers and discipline areas.

  • Reports on current UNC TLT Collaborative projects and other collaborative projects.
  • General discussion
  • Birds of a Feather/community building
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