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Wednesday July 14 
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View evaluation results.

Your current Position:
Your campus affiliation:
How did we do in reaching our goals for the retreat?
1-Poor 2-Fair 3-Good 4-Very Good 5-Excellent
Facilitated community-building among attendees
Facilitated knowledge-sharing among attendees
Effectively captured information on system-wide resources &
Focused on relevant topics for attendees
What did you get from the retreat?
1-Poor 2-Fair 3-Good 4-Very Good 5-Excellent
New contacts & opportunity for future collaboration
Greater connectedness with other professionals in your field across
Encouragement to work more collaboratively
Useful ideas that are relevant to your work
A sense that you were able to contribute effectively to the overall goals of the
How was the retreat managed?
1-Poor 2-Fair 3-Good 4-Very Good 5-Excellent
Significance of information provided
Appropriateness of retreat for audience invited
Overall organization of the retreat
Would you recommend this retreat?
What was the most informative event of the retreat?
What do you suggest changing should there be another event?
What can we do in the future?
What do you see as the most critical functions for the
UNC TLT Collaborative?
What are the key professional development issues for you?

How might we provide better communication and information
sharing to serve your professional needs and interests?
What can we do to continue community-building efforts?

Additional Comments
1-Poor 2-Fair 3-Good 4-Very Good 5-Excellent
Overall Satisfaction Rating

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