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Thursday September 25 
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Day 1, May 30, 2000

12-1pm: Registration (Alumni Hall), Lunch (Trillium South)

1-1:10pm: Welcoming remarks by Dr. Mel Johnson, NC A&T and chair of the UNC TLT Collaborative Board

1:10-1:40: Dr. Steve Breiner, ASU

1:45-2pm: Overview of the Reteat, Bob Orr, WCU, Dr. Frank Prochaska, WCU

    Outline of PowerPoint presentation is here.
    Actual PowerPoint presentation is here

2-6pm: Review of Critical Issues/Information Capture, Discussion (Trillium North)

2-2:45pm: Course management systems/Content Development Current use of course management systems across UNC Criteria and processes used to select course management software Design/development strategies - staffing (designers, developers, maintenance)
Delivery/development strategies - technology services (database, server components, hosting, etc)
Facilitators: Dr. Chuck Bennett, UNC-A, Tom Jackson, UNC Pembroke, James Bossert, UNC TLT Collaborative

3-3:45pm: Assistive Technologies
Overview of IRMC report
Survey of UNC re: desktop technologies
Assistive technologies and Web-based materials
Facilitators: Beth Leftwich, WCU, Susan Peck, ECSU, Bob Houghton, WCU

4-4:45pm: Professional development
TLT training and skills assessment for teaching faculty
Professional development opportunities to TLT Professionals
Facilitators: Dr. Ray Purdom, UNC-G, Dr. Helen Parke, ECU, Dr. Margaret Mertz, NCSA

5- 5:45pm: Assessment of Learning Effectiveness
Definition and assessment of learning outcomes
Quality control of e-learning (pre and post)
Facilitators: Dr. Ben Ward, WCU, Dr. Steve Breiner, ASU, Alisa Chapman, University Schools Programs

6:00-8:30pm:  Cash Bar

6:30-8:30pm:  Dinner Buffet (Trillium South)

Day 2, May 31, 2000

8:00 - 9:00am: Continental Breakfast (Trillium South)

TLT initiatives (funded by TLT Collaborative)
9:00am: Visualization and Modeling - Dr. Henry Schaffer, NC State
9:15am: Adaptive Technologies (IDEA Station) - Beth Leftwich, WCU, Susan Peck, ECSU
9:30am: Core Course Content (NC Alliance of Environmental Science and Studies prgrams) - Bob Orr, WCU, for the Alliance
9:45am: Wireless Technologies in the Classroom - Dr. Barbara Kirby, NC State, Bob Orr, WCU
10:00am: Cisco Learning Engine Pilot - Dr. Helen Parke, ECU
10:30 - 10:45am: Break
10:45 - 12:00am: Reports cont. (Trillium North)
10:45-11:00am: AHEC , Tony Kane, AHEC
11:00-11:30am: UNC Teacher Education Technology Council presentation - Alisa Chapman, University Schools Programs
11:30-12:00am: MERLOT Project, Mike O'Kane, UNC TLT Collaborative

12-1:00pm: Lunch- Deli Buffet (Trillium South)

1-5:00 pm: Break-out groups: 4 subject areas.
Purpose: Build on first day review identify major issues and cooperative opportunities, identify key issues and portal components for the Collaborative, develop teams of interested individuals who might work on system-wide projects, and establish communities of interest. Breakout sessions on each four with two sections to foster input on more than one topic.

1- 2:15pm: Section I

Group 1: Course management systems and related development (Burris)
Group 2: Professional Development (Jefferson)
Group 3: Classroom standards (Integon)
Group 4: Assessment of Learning effectiveness (Bernhardt)

2:30-3:45pm: Section II
Group 1: Content Development(Burris)
Group 2: Professional Development for TLT professionals (Jefferson)
Group 3: Assistive Technologies (Integon)
Group 4: Learning Effectiveness cont. (Bernhardt)

3:45 - 4:00pm: Break

4:00 - 5:00pm: Reports/Outcomes (Trillium North)

6:00-8:30pm: Cash Bar

6:30-8:30pm: Cookout Buffet (Location TBA)

Day 3, June 1, 2000

8:00 - 9:00am: Continental Breakfast (Trillium South)

Community-building (Birds of a Feather sessions), (Location TBA) current suggestions are:

Birds of a Feather sessions are designed to allow those with common interest a chance for dialog to begin steps towards building a sense of community. Suggestions for topics of Birds of a Feather sessions will be gathered during the conference with session titles and locations announced Wednesday afternoon during the 4:00PM -5:00 PM general session. BOF participants hopefully, will identify collaborative opportunities and discuss possible next steps. Minutes from the sessions will be posted to the TLT Collaborative Portal.

UNC Teacher Education Technology Council meeting
Cisco Learning Engine Discussion Group
Campus communities/areas of interest
Common course management strategy
UNC Teaching and Learning Center Directors discussion
Technical Issues
Multimedia Session

12:00 -1:00pm: Lunch and wrapup

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