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Monday May 19 
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Assessment of Learning Effectiveness Sessions

Facilitators: Dr. Ben Ward, WCU, Dr. Steve Breiner, ASU, Alisa Chapman, University Schools Programs

Tuesday, May 30, 5- 5:45pm: A review of the issues facing us in the area of assessment of learning effectiveness, and discussion of critical issues and opportunities.

Notes from the Session

Information Capture Form Results from the Session

A critical aspect of the increasing application of technology for learning and especially for distance learning is the associated need to measure the effectiveness of learning in these new environments, and in researching and identifying best practices associated with use of technology for learning. Interestingly enough, this in turn leads to a greater focus on measurements of learning effectiveness in the classroom environment. We are very interested in identifying communities of interest in this area, and in facilitating collaborative work.

The increasing application of technology for learning, especially distance learning, has raised questions about measuring the effectiveness of learning. We need to know more about measuring learning in the conventional classroom as well as in the online environment. The TLT Collaborative is interested in facilitating collaborative studies in this area and in identifying people who would like to work together to investigate this issue. This session will discuss issues and questions such as:

    Are an instructor's grades an adequate or inadequate measure of student learning?

    Do e-learning courses and traditional courses require different assessment procedures?

    What are the benefits and limitations of electronic student portfolios in assessing learning?

    To what extent can assessment ensure consistent quality across various e-learning courses?

Wednesday, May 31, 1- 2:15pm, and 2:30-3:45pm: Two group sessions to discuss ways in which we can work together to develop and propose common approaches to measuring and encouraging effective use of technology for teaching and learning, and in ensuring increasing integration of these concerns in decision-making and support of TLT-related activities and services.

Notes on the first session

Notes on the second session

    Outcomes of discussion of the topics raised at Tuesday's session.

    Can you identify/suggest specific opportunities for collaborative projects (research or application) across UNC, or within specific discipline communities? Targeted research, development of standard assessment tools or evaluation criteria, etc.

    Are you aware of specific programs, assessment tools, targeted initiatives, conferences, individuals, or other resources that are focused on the effective application of, or assessment of, technology for teaching and learning? On your campus? Across the state? Nationally?

    Can you suggest ways in which the TLT Collaborative might most effectively promote and support these efforts on your campus or for your professional community?

    Potential uses of the Flashlight program for assessment?

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