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Monday May 19 
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Welcome to the UNC TLT Technology Retreat

    May 30 - June 1, 2000
    Boone, North Carolina

Our Audience

    Primary Audience
    UNC Teaching and Learning Center Directors
    Instructional Technology Professionals

UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Collaborative

Vision statement

    The UNC TLT Collaborative will unite the collective interests and goals of the sixteen campuses of the University of North Carolina, and serve as a catalyst for, and nurture excellence in, the productive application of technology for teaching and learning.

Our Focus

    Four Topics for Discussion:
      Course Management/Development
      Assistive Technologies
      Professional Development
      Assessment of Learning

    Special Project Reports

    Birds of a Feather Sessions

Our Goals

    Explore topics of common interest
    Increase communications among peers
    Identify key services for Instructional Technology Professionals
    Create a UNC TLT Web Portal
    Help to create new professional communities

Our Obligation…

    Unprecedented access
    Rapid technology development
    Learner-driven education
    Cultural shift in the academy

    …to use our tools, our talents, and our energy to mold this shift to the benefit to our students and institutions

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