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Welcome Page Help for TLT - Tuesday, April 12 


The UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) Collaborative is a consortial organization, created by the President of the University of North Carolina. The Collaborative actively explores collaborative opportunities and assists in defining and implementing best practices, common services and shared resources. Recognizing the broad range of issues associated with Teaching and Learning with Technology, the Collaborative functions variously as a think tank, research and testing service, strategic planner, information portal, professional development resource, resource development instrument, and a host for collaborative activities.


One of the main thrusts of the TLTC is the Professional Development Portal (PDP). The portal is designed to provide access to an increasingly broad range of professional development materials that will be of relevance to administrators, faculty and staff throughout UNC.  The portal is also designed so that UNC campuses, offices and services can link directly to specific resource information from their own Web sites, thereby reducing duplication of information. Individuals will need to log in to take advantage of the full power of the portal. Once logged in, a portal user can search and browse, create custom searches that they can re-use, manage their own account information, and submit materials for access by others.


Search Portal for Upcoming Conferences and Events:  This is a predefined search that selects the “All” Category and uses a Global Scope (the widest scope possible).  Search results are returned with the total number of items found sorted by the latest conference or event date.  It also returns a page title, the beginning and ending dates of the conference, a URL linking to the site and a short description of the conference or site itself.  The search automatically updates itself every time it is run. 


UNC Centers and Organizations:  This is a predefined search that covers “All” Categories with a “UNC” Scope (searching all UNC entities) which returns information on all UNC Centers and Organizations that have been submitted to the database.


Directions: Driving directions and a road map to the TLT Collaborative.


Feedback:  Please use the feedback page to ask questions or to provide your input on how to make the TLTC or PDP fit your needs better.


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