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Monday March 8 
2001 UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference

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The UNC TLT Collaborative 2001 Conference was held
at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington
on May 2325, 2001.

Emerging Tools and Technologies for Teaching and Learning


  • John Felts, 336-286-8588,
  • Chuck Bennett, 828-251-6476,

This tracks purpose is to identify emerging tools and technologies through a series of brainstorming and informational sessions. Participants will discuss and begin to understand their importance and determine which offer the greatest potential benefit for our system campuses. The goal is to identify the most promising tools and technologies enabling the Collaborative to focus on developmental projects that build system wide opportunities for participation and information sharing. These projects would enable various campuses to focus on specific technology opportunities while becoming the system information resource for that emerging tool or technology.


Post-conference summary



Breakout session A (Wednesday)

Location: Conference center:Community Room

Informal introductions, brainstorming, environmental scanning, idea generation of new tools and technologies. What's out there now, on the horizon, and on the far horizon!

Session notes


Breakout session B (Thursday)

Location: Conference center:Community Room

Identify which new tools or technologies discussed in the first session offers greatest potential benefits for individual campuses and for the UNC system.

Session notes


Breakout session C (Friday)

Location: UNCW Campus:Cameron 132

Determine next steps to ensure system campuses are aware of emerging opportunities identified in other breakout sessions. Brainstorm and identify potential campus collaborative projects. Explore/recommend possible joint funding models within UNC and beyond.

Session notes


Related resources

Resources will be made available in April following the selection of track facilitators.


Track participants

John Felts - 44
Tom Fisher - 21
Anne Hakenewerth - 43
John Mack - 43
Marcy Johnson - 37
Robert Bellamy - Other
Joanne Dehoney - 40
Alan Schueler - 40
Rowanne Joyner - 43
Tim Flood - 44
Linda De Grand - Other
Mark Sivy - 43
Rob Owens - 44
Paul Brinich - 81
Carl Malstrom - 40
Sheila Englebardt - 42
Lynne Degitz - 42
Susan Keely - 39
Catherine Gihlstorf - 42
Georgia Abeyounis - 45
Martin Fischer - 47
Regina Alston - 38
Patricia Barber - 43
Lisa Stimatz - 42
Robert Orr - 47
Thomas Ross - 45
Dewey Cavenaugh - 39
Stacy Smith - 40
Wayne Godwin - 22
Wendy Creasey - 22
Priscilla Manarino-Leggett - 36
Michael Yoakam - 40
Mary L. (Mel) Schumaker - 44
Diane Chapman - 42
Ernest Marshburn - 22
Todor Lilov - 81
Greg Dillingham - 41
Sandra Huskamp - 22
Carolyn Anderson - 48
Darryl Davis - 22
Jeffrey Huskamp - 22
Robert Hughes - 45
Jeff Jolly - 46
Sue Cody - 46
Midori Albert - 46
Dale Pike - 43
Elizabeth A. Evans - 42
Chuck Bennett - 41

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