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Monday March 8 
2001 UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference

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The UNC TLT Collaborative 2001 Conference was held
at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington
on May 2325, 2001.

Citizens Building Communities: Collaborative Relationships


  • Lea Wells, 919-513-2421,
  • Steve Breiner, 828-262-6731,
    Ed House, 828-285-0078

Discover the effervescence of purpose and progress that emerge when citizens of the TLT World become neighbors. The end results are communities of interests that are built upon the synergy of resources time, talent, and treasure. The sessions in this track are intended to describe, discuss, and demonstrate how collaboration is the key to building strong and effective intra- and inter-institutional relationships among UNC TLT communities of interest. Whether you identify yourself as IT staff, university faculty, administrator, librarian, or none of the above, this track is designed to foster collaboration in all matters relating to TLT.


Post-conference summary



Breakout session A (Wednesday)

Location: Conference center:Classroom B

Through a roundtable discussion among the participants, examine the range of experiences the represented groups have had with working together. The goal of this session will be to discover what strategies have been effective in the past and what concerns there may be for the future.

Session notes


Breakout session B (Thursday)

Location: Conference center:Classroom B

In small groups, consider alternative approaches to community-building. Participants will analyze prior cooperative efforts, brainstorm ideas for new collaborative activities, and discover opportunities for synergy.

Session notes


Breakout session C (Friday)

Location: UNCW Campus:Cameron 111

From the information developed in the first two sessions, develop prioritized objectives for enhancing, increasing, and drawing on relationships among UNC TLT communities of interest.

Session notes


Related resources

Resources will be made available in April following the selection of track facilitators.


Track participants

Cynthia Saylor - 45
James Sadler - 81
John Major - 44
Traci Settlemyre - 47
Rob Rucker - 40
Steven Breiner - 21
Doris Mitchell - 37
Elizabeth Vihnanek - 47
H. Wells - 40
Elaine Fox - 41
Martha Kreszock - 21
Mike O'Kane - Other
Barbara Tierney - 43
Stacy Baggett - 22
Bob Henshaw - 42
Russell Bailey - 43

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