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Centers, Organizations, Interest Groups Search - 6 results

Online Resource Center for the California Virtual Campus, Bay Area Regional Center
This site offers resources supporting online teaching and learning such as references to courseware documentation and tutorials, instructional design handouts and tutorials, annotations for timely articles in the field and assessment tools. Useful resources on WebCT and Blackboard tools are also pro . . .
Keywords:  Teaching with Technology, Online Instruction, Computer-assisted Instruction, Course Design.
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Georgetown University - Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship
CNDLS is a partnership of multiple support organizations that come together at the intersection of pedagogy, technology, and information. The mission of CNDLS is twofold: serving as a general center of pedagogy and professional development and taking responsibility for supporting the integration of . . .
Keywords:  Assessment, Curriculum Development, Instructional Design, Resource Development, Distance Learning.
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The Centre for Educational Technology and Distance Learning
The Centre offers a flexible environment to investigate new methods and combinations of computer-based media to support secondary and higher education, and professional development.
Keywords:  instructional design technology software e-learning CETADL Centre for Educational Technology and Distance Learning
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UC Fullerton Instructional Design for Education and Its Assessment (IDEA)
Elements of instructional design focused on web-delivery, particularly with WebCT and Blackboard CourseInfo.
Keywords:  Instructional Design WebCT Blackboard CourseInfo assessment IDEA
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The World Lecture Hall
World Lecture Hall publishes links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver course materials in any language. Some courses are delivered entirely over the Internet. Others are designed for students in residence. Many fall somewhere in between, and all can be visited by . . .
Keywords:  association World Lecture Hall instructional design support e-learning
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NCSU Learning Technology Service (LTS)
The Learning Technology Service (LTS) supports the integration of teaching and technology at NC State. Our diverse staff is knowledgeable in instructional design and technology, visual design, and content enhancement. Here you will find information about programs and services offered by the Learning . . .
Keywords:  learning technology LTS unc schools NCSU North Carolina State University NC State instructional design
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Grants and Funding Sources Search - 1 result

WCU Vice-Chancellor's Instructional Improvement Grant
Western Carolina University
  • How much money is available? Awards are typically in the range of $1,000-$1,500, but any amount up to $6,000 may be requested. Total funding is $6,000.
  • What's the purpose? To support creative, innovative approaches to course or curriculum revision.
  • How can . . .
Keywords:  instructional design grants awards unc schools WCU Western Carolina University
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Networking, Collaborative and Sabbatical Opportunities Search - 0 result

Online Collections (databases, lists, etc) Search - 5 results

UMUC-Verizon Virtual Resource Site for Teaching with Technology
This site is developed by the University of Maryland University College as a resource for faculty seeking help and direction in using Web-based technologies to accomplish key learning strategies. This project aims at providing a full examination of the teaching and learning issues in technology-enab . . .
Keywords:  Teaching and Technology, Online Learning, Teaching Strategies, Online Course Delivery, Instructional Design.
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WestEd Distance Education Reseach
This site provides links to online distance education research in the following categories: Recommended Readings, Distance Education, Instructional Design, Telecommunication Delivery Modes & Student Achievement, Interaction in Distance Education, Professional Development, Computers and Writing, and . . .
Keywords:  distance education online research professional development
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Instructional Design Arcticles and Annotated Instructional Design Links
A nice collection of links to other resources maintained by the University of South Florida. Includes links on instructional design models, software how-to's, journal articles about instructional design, etc.
Keywords:  instructional design resources e-learning
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Instructional Design and Training
A collection of web resources having to do with instructional design.
Keywords:  instructional design learning resources portal training
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Distance Education Resource Page at UNCG
A list of links to resources related to distance education; includes links to sites about assistive technologies, course delivery systems, learning inventories and styles, instructional design, etc.
Keywords:  resources UNCG University of North Carolina Greensboro distance education e-learning teaching learning
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People (specialists, consultants, facilitators) Search - 0 result

Policies and Procedures Search - 0 result

Projects and Initiatives Search - 2 results

SOLID Project: Web-Based Training Development Process
The Web-Based Training Development Process details the steps needed to create instructional modules for web delivery, covering instructional design, technical specification, and page development. Each step includes information about the related responsibilities of product development team members.
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SOLID Project: EvNet--Instructional design practices learning module
This learning module on appropriate instructional design practices for web-based content was developed by the Network for the Evaluation of Training and Technology (EvNet). EvNet is a consortium of Canadian universities, communitity colleges, schools, private organizations, government agencies, and . . .
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Publications Search - 23 results

The Web Learning Fieldbook: Using The World Wide Web To Build Workplace Learning Environments
In the Web Learning Fieldbook, Valorie Beer provides a careful analysis of what needs to be done by people who are designing Web learning. The book illuminates what is important today and provides thought-provoking ideas and techniques for what will be important for Web learning in the future. Visit . . .
Keywords:  Instructional Technology, Instructional Design, Teaching with Technology.
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Faculty Development 101: Authoring Online Lessons
Authoring Lessons is a useful document to read before designing an online course. This guide describes the "typical" distance learner, student characteristics that instructors must consider when designing an online course, and how instructors can best meet their needs. The process of course planning . . .
Keywords:  distance education, distance learners, student needs, student characteristics, instructional goals, instructional methods, instructional design, technology, course planning
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Instructional Strategies for Online Courses, Illinois Online Network
Online instructors are encouraged to incorporate multiple instruction strategies to accommodate the various learning styles and needs of online students. This guide focuses on ten instructional strategies that have been effectively used in the traditional classroom and are adaptable to the online en . . .
Keywords:  instructional design, instructional strategies, student needs, learning styles, virtual classroom, distance education, online learning, Illinois Online Network
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Creating Printer-Friendly Documents for your Online Course
Acknowledging student propensity to print a majority of web pages for an online course, the author explains various reasons why and then provides tips on how to design a printer-friendly web page. The ten tips are: combine all sections of a document into one page, remove unncessary graphics and tex . . .
Keywords:  student needs, online materials,online learning, web design, instructional design, teacher-student communication, University of Illinois
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Distance Education Do's and Don'ts, Distance Education Handbook: A Guide for University Faculty
To complement the development, design, and implementation of distance education courses, this short guide offers a few final reminders. Suggestions include: talk to peers to find out about their problems and successes, prepare in advance, consider all resource options, incorporate multiple media typ . . .
Keywords:  instructional methods, distance education, advice, online courses, instructional design, University of Florida
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Taking Learning To Task: Creative Strategies For Teaching Adults.
Taking Learning to Task is a hands-on, practical guide to designing effective learning tasks for diverse learners and diverse content. Author Jane Vella provides seven steps to planning learning-centered courses, four types of learning tasks, a checklist of principles and practices, critical questio . . .
Keywords:  Learning Centered, Learning Tasks, Teaching Styles.
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What Works in Online Courses
"What Works" is the result of an instructional design workshop aimed at identifying issues that affect online instructors when developing or delivering online courses. This resource introduces best practices for developing online courses, and recommends course design strategies that address the issu . . .
Keywords:  instructional design, online learning, design strategies, e-learning, distance education, instructional methods, SLN, SUNY Learning Network
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Blackboard Instructional Design Tips
The creators of this Web site believe that instructional design plays an important part in developing online education. This Web site offers the following instructional design tips to help faculty develop an engaging and instructionally sound Course Site: 1) Focus on organization of online materials . . .
Keywords:  instructional design, online education, distance education, assessment, online materials
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Ten Things We Know About Teaching Online
This article, by Dr. Margaret Driscoll, is a good resource for people interested in building good online learning programs. Such programs will incorporate the "ten elements", as given in this article, which focus on the teaching aspect of the programs. Thus, these ten guidelines given here help mana . . .
Keywords:  Online Instruction, Online Learning, Instructional Design, Teaching and Technology.
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Preparing Faculty for Instructional Technology: From Education to Development to Creative Independence
Karen L. Smith -- Instructional technology can be imposed on existing courses, materials and approaches. Or faculty can learn to make appropriate choices in order to create new learning environments that apply research insights into memory functions, learning strategies, learner styles, personal int . . .
Keywords:  online teaching, instructional design
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Instructors Guide to Computer Conferencing
The Instructor's Guide to Computer Conferencing, by Mary-Anne Andrusyzyn, Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Nursing, University of Western Ontario. This paper gives an instructional design approach to integrating computer conferencing into a course. This resource is designed . . .
Keywords:  Computer Conferencing, Instructional Technology, Teaching and Technology.
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Australian Journal of Educational Technology
AJET is a refereed journal publishing research and review articles in educational technology, instructional design, educational applications of computer technologies, educational telecommunications and related areas.
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Compelling Case Experiences: Challenges for Emerging Instructional Designers
* by Marti F. Julian, Valerie A. Larsen, and Mable B. Kinzie University of Virginia

Instructional design case studies, which pose authentic ill-defined design problems in realistic environments, can help instructional design students bridge the gap between novice and expert practice. The authors . . .

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Web-Based Training. ERIC Digest No. 218.
Education and training via the World Wide Web are growing rapidly. Reduced training costs, world-wide accessibility, and improved technological capabilities have made electronic instructional delivery to adult learners a viable alternative to classroom instruction. This Digest examines the efficacy . . .
Keywords:  education learning WBT Web-based training ERIC
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Using E-mail and Online Discussion to Enhance Learning
by Dorothy Frayer, Director, Center for Teaching Excellence, Duquesne University

"E-mail and online discussion enable communication between instructor and student, and among students, outside the usual bounds of place and time. These technologies can be used to enhance traditional campus-based . . .

Keywords:  learning education teaching instructional design discussion forum email
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Using the Web to Foster Critical Thinking Skills
by Dorothy Frayer, Director, Center for Teaching Excellence, Duquesne University

The World Wide Web makes available to students an incredible range of primary sources that can be updated on a regular basis. Without careful instruction, however, students may uncritically accept the information t . . .

Keywords:  instructional design critical thinking web research learning
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Using Technology to Create a Safe, Humanistic Classroom
by Tom Marino, Ph.D., Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Temple University

"At this time we can no longer operate and teach the way we used to. But what is not clear is how we are supposed to teach now. Faculty wars abound, and the friction that develops, as we move this herd of faculty and . . .

Keywords:  teaching learning instructional design assessment methods theories
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To What End: The Questions to Ask When Designing our Courses
by Devorah Lieberman, Ph.D., Vice Provost and Assistant to the President, Portland State University

This article presents ways that using the phrase "To What End?" can be used as a tool to design a class that effectively integrates technology; design a course that is delivered partially or compl . . .

Keywords:  instructional design learning teaching e-learning education
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The effective use of interactive multimedia in education: Design and implementation issues
Paper by Jan Herrington and Ron Oliver
Edith Cowan University (Australia), 1997

"This paper will examine the design of interactive multimedia from the perspective of situated learning, and discuss the critical characteristics that are present in learning environments designed using this theo . . .

Keywords:  instructional design multimedia technology learning
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Accessibility of the Internet In Postsecondary Education: Meeting The Challenge
by Cyndi Rowland, Ph.D.

"In this White Paper I will provide a brief description of the need for the Web in the education of ALL students and will describe what is happening as postsecondary entities participate in our society's online explosion. Through multiple data sources, I try to capture a . . .

Keywords:  assistive technology AT education learning instructional design accessibility
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New Learning Technologies: Applications, Challenges, and Success
A 20 page PDF report on new technologies for e-learning, and on the best practices for using them.
Keywords:  best practices e-learning distance learning online learning technology instructional design
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Instructional Design and Learning Theory
A comprehensive article by Brenda Mergel at the University of Saskatchewan on instructional design. The article also has an extensive bibliography with links.
Keywords:  instructional design learning theory WWW
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Instructional Design and Learning Theory
A nice introduction to the fundamentals of Instructional Design.

A paper by Brenda Mergel, a Graduate Student in Educational Communications and Technology at University of Saskatchewan. Mergel leads off with "... to students of instructional design the introduction and subsequent "sorting out" . . .

Keywords:  instructional design behaviorism constructivism cognitivism atomic theory
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Software, Hardware, Services Search - 1 result

The Learning Manager
The Learning Manager is a Microsoft Certified Solution provider that supports all phases of the instructional design cycle, including
  1. curriculum development
  2. course layout
  3. course delivery & learner management
  4. evaluation
Keywords:  learning manager TLM learning management system course management system cms lms
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Workshop and Training Materials Search - 4 results

George Mason University - Teaching and Learning Resources
TLT resources and workshops for just about every aspect of web based learning and instructional design.
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SOLID Project: The e-learning Courseware Certification
The e-learning Courseware Certification (eCC) for asynchronous Web-based and multimedia courses will be offered by ASTD beginning in July, 2001. The eCC will help people identify courses that have been evaluated and certified based on a rigorous set of usability and instructional design standards.
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Designing Instruction for Web-Based Distance Learning
The Distance Learning Resource Network's "Designing Instruction for Web-Based Distance Learning" guide will help you design a course or materials for the Web or convert an existing course into an online course.
Keywords:  online instructional design distance learning resource network DLRN
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Catalyst (created by the University of Washington) is an integrated collection of resources, training, tools, templates, and support to help educators make effective use of technology in teaching.
Keywords:  tlt instructional design teaching support information resources catalyst
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