Preparing Faculty for Instructional Technology: From Education to Development to Creative Independence
Karen L. Smith -- Instructional technology can be imposed on existing courses, materials and approaches. Or faculty can learn to make appropriate choices in order to create new learning environments that apply research insights into memory functions, learning strategies, learner styles, personal interest, and motivation. This paper examines a training and support infrastructure that engages emerging instructional technology users in a recursive process of research, design, development, and assessment aimed at producing student-centered learning environments. Key to the success of this approach to faculty training has been providing teachers with skills and expert tools that lead to independence; facilitating access to equipment and support personnel; and establishing new evaluation and rewards procedures that recognize the value of instructional technology in the teaching process.
Keywords: online teaching, instructional design
Focus Area: Teaching and Learning
Scope: Global
Resource Type: Publications
Entry Date: January 4, 2002