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Welcome to the University of North Carolina's Professional Development Portal (PDP). The portal is designed to provide access to an increasingly broad range of professional development materials that will be of relevance to administrators, faculty and staff throughout UNC. The portal is also designed so that UNC campuses, offices and services can link directly to specific resource information from their own Web sites, thereby reducing duplication of information.

Individuals will need to log in to take advantage of the full power of the portal. Once logged in, a portal user can search and browse, create custom searches that they can re-use, manage their own account information, and submit materials for access by others. The portal is initially being developed to provide common access to professional development materials for the following communities:

Category Searches: By using the various Resource Types below in conjunction with the Scope and Focus Area (explained below), you will be able to more narrowly define your search. Choose all Resource Types, several Types or just one that best describes what you are looking for.

Resource Types

Centers, Organizations, Interest Groups
Entries range from UNC campus centers and interest groups to national and international organizations

Conferences, Meetings and Events
Entries provide dates, times and expanded information on local, national or global conference and events.

Grants and Funding Sources
Entries range from local departmental grants and resources to federal and global resources

Networking, Collaborative and Sabbatical Opportunities
Entries include opportunities for faculty within their own campuses and across all UNC campuses.

Online Collections (databases, lists, etc)
Entries contain links to comprehensive online resources.

People (specialists, consultants, facilitators)
Individuals identified or self-identified with expertise in one of the focus areas.

Entries include policies related to local campuses and UNC, and state and federal policies.

Entries include published or unpublished articles, white papers, TLT Board Reports and similar resources.

Software, Hardware, Technical Services (Vendors)
Entries point both to software, hardware and technical service information and providers.

Workshops and Training Materials
Entries contain materials that can be used for workshops and training.

Other Resources
Choose this Type if other Types are not appropriate.


SCOPE: The Scope determines a more narrowly defined audience. For instance, if you are searching for information about workshops or guidelines that are used only within your institution (UNCA for example), then your Scope would be for UNC Asheville only. However, if you are searching for information about workshops or guidelines that are used by anyone in general, your Scope would be Global.

FOCUS AREA: This area determines the primary topic that you can search within. If you do not see a specific Focus Area that defines your topic, then please select the area listed as "All."

Word or Phrase:

Basic Search Operators
Operator Effect Example
AND Searches for documents that have both words in it Verity AND Allaire
OR Searches for documents that have either word in it Verity OR Allaire
NOT Eliminates documents where the word is found Verity NOT Allaire
The Two Most Common Wildcards
Wildcard Purpose
* * stands in for any number of characters(including 0). A search for Fu* would find Fusion, Fugazi, and Fuchsia
? ? stands in for any single character. A search for ?ar?et would find both carpet and target but not Learjet.
Case Sensitivity
By default, a Verity search automatically becomes case sensitive whenever the characters provided as the CRITERIA parameter are of mixed case. A search for employee - or EMPLOYEE - finds employee, Employee, or EMPLOYEE, but search for Employee only finds Employee, not employee or EMPLOYEE.

Connect to UNC Libraries: This returns a list of all libraries and their various departments within the UNC system.

Select from a list of commonly used searches: Not in use at the moment.

Access your previously saved queries: If you have logged in previously and saved certain searches or queries, you can retrieve them here. You must be logged in to use this feature.

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