Past Projects

Below are links to UNC campus homepages, academic calendars, and directories. The TLTC often refers to this information for planning purposes and thought it might also be of use to the UNC community.

Project Proposals:

  1. Faculty Training in Web-based Course Tools
  2. Collaborative Risk Management and Insurance Course
  3. Impact of Web CT on Student Attitudes Towards Instruction and its Impact on Learning
  4. Appalachian Learning Alliance Video Server Project
  5. Appalachian Learning Alliance: Education, Career Decision-making and Study Skills Training Online
  6. Beta Test of the Cisco Learning Environment Engine
  7. IDEA station
  8. Workshop on Visualization and Modeling
  9. Foundation for System-wide Conversations on Universal Access and ADA
  10. Pilot for wireless computing in lecture-based undergraduate teaching
  11. Jump-Starting Usage of a Web-Based Database of Course Material, Budget Sheet
  12. TLT Pedagogy Web Portal
  13. Self-serve Writing Center for the UNC Campuses
  14. NC Alliance of Environmental Science and Studies Programs - Web-based Educational Module Project
  15. Assessment and Item Management System - A Distributable Resource for UNC System Institutions
  16. Production of On-Line Instructional Development Modules and Templates for Faculty
  17. Promoting the Use of Technology as a Classroom Tool through Wireless Computing
  18. Professional Development - Community of Science database
  19. Preparing Robeson Students for SAT using Technology
  20. Publishing Laboratory
  21. Development and Distribution of Technology-Based Teaching Materials and Interactive Learning Projects in Connection with UNC-W's New Study Abroad Program at Oulu, Finland
  22. Completing the RN Access Program at UNC-W, and Exploring Collaborative Approaches to RN Education in the UNC system
  23. Using Wireless Palm Technology to Promote Active Learning in the Classroom
  24. Web-Based Graduate Education for Community College Faculty
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