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The University of North Carolina Teaching and Learning with Technology Collaborative (TLTC) is a consortial organization that provides vision and shared resources in support of teaching and learning with technology programs and initiatives on the seventeen UNC campuses. 

The TLTC facilitates collaborative support of opportunities in teaching and learning with technology and focuses on the importance of learning-centered* approaches. In meeting this mission, the TLTC:

  • Recognizes that students are at the heart of what we do.
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  • Unites the collective interests and goals of the sixteen campuses.
  • Promotes excellence in the effective application of technology for teaching and learning.
  • Actively explores collaborative opportunities in each project.
  • Assists in identifying and implementing effective practices, common services, and shared resources.
  • Values the role of technology as a means to accomplish academic objectives.
  • Values the role of collaboration as a means to promote effective use of technology in teaching and learning.

The TLTC will advance collaborative processes that empower teachers, learners, providers of instructional support, and decision makers to make best possible use of technology in promoting learning. To promote that vision, the TLTC:

  • Recognizes that the diversity of stakeholders involved in TLTC activities provides important perspective and insight.
  • Seeks to establish unity of purpose and clarity of practice in TLT issues.
  • Promotes thoughtful efforts to navigate and guide changes in technology as they impact the teaching-learning process.
  • Seeks to foster collaboration that builds communities of effective practice.
  • Promotes efforts that engender optimism, excitement, positive thinking, and success in using technology to promote learning.
  • Seeks to build bridges that connect ideas and stakeholders as we move from current to future solutions.
  • Is committed to the creative bridge-building needed to reach the future we envision.

The UNC Information Technology Strategy (ITS) Project initiated in 1998 included a task force on Campus Teaching and Learning with Technology that recommended, among other things, creation of "a TLT Collaborative organization (with all campuses welcome to join) to facilitate development, exchange and storage of system-wide TLT knowledge." In the summer of 1999 the North Carolina legislature approved funding in the 1999/2000 Appropriations Bill (HB168) to support the recommendations of the ITS project, including the formation of the TLT Collaborative. The TLTC was established in March 2000 as a program under the UNC General Administration within the Division of Information Resources, reporting to the Vice President for Information Resources and CIO and is supervised by a Collaborative Board representing the 17 campuses.

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UNC TLT Collaborative
The University of North Carolina
Division of Information Resources
910 Raleigh Road, P.O. Box 2688
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27515

919-962-4734 fax

*The term learning-centered refers to educational approaches focused on learning as the primary indicator of success. The TLTC chose this term over comparative terms such as learner-centered or teacher-centered in order to represent a focus on learning process.

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