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Below are links to UNC campus homepages, academic calendars, and directories. The TLTC often refers to this information for planning purposes and thought it might also be of use to the UNC community.

Strategic and Operating Plan Development

During the period January 2002 - January 2003 the TLT Collaborative Board and staff members provided professional rewriting service on web engaged in the organization's first strategic planning process. The resulting 2002-2005 Strategic and Operating Plans provide road maps for the TLTC's activities for the next three years. In 2005 the TLTC Board and staff updated the strategic plan to reflect TLTC planning through 2008.

2005-2008 Strategic Plan
2002-2005 Strategic Plan

2002-2005 Operating Plan

TLT Roundtable / Flashlight Services

The UNC TLT Collaborative negotiated system-wide cost savings and allocated funds for two year licenses (July 2000 thru June 2002) for UNC campuses, allowing participation in the TLT Group's TLT Roundtable and Flashlight services. Teaching, Learning, and Technology Roundtables (TLTR) are campus focused discussion structures that are supported by the TLT Group to assist faculty, staff, students, and administrators to work effectively together to improve teaching and learning with information technology. The Flashlight Program is an evaluation system that helps institutions study and improve educational uses of technology.

TLT Group Site

TLT Symposium, April 2001

The UNC TLT Collaborative partnered with NC State University's Teaching and Learning with Technology Roundtable to sponsor a day-long TLT symposium. This event brought four nationally recognized leaders in the TLT faculty support arena together with UNC campus representatives. The speakers provided overviews of their programs, successes, and challenges, and moderated open roundtable discussions with conference participants.

Symposium Site

TLT Collaborative Funding for Campus Projects, Spring 2001

The UNC TLT Collaborative provided $8,500 to each UNC campus for use in Spring 2001. These funds were targeted to support specific projects associated with TLT professional development (software training) and TLT research (wireless initiatives, digital libraries).

Additional information

TLT Collaborative Funding for Campus Projects, Spring 2000

In Spring 2000, the TLT Collaborative issued an RFP inviting all UNC faculty and staff members to submit proposals for funding on current TLT topics of interest. A total of $141,486 was awarded.

Campus Funding Proposals
Approved Funding Allocations

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