TLTC Interest Groups

TLT interest groups serve as core structures to promote collaborative professional development through ongoing work in selected areas of interest. Interest groups may communicate in regional or UNC-wide meetings, through online tools such as discussion forums and mailing lists, and by videoconference or phone conference. The annual UNC TLT Conference serves as an additional venue for activities associated with TLT interest groups.

Professional and educational development activities providing elite writings company on are the cornerstone of TLTC work and serve to involve growing numbers of people, generate and disseminate TLTC ideas, and share experiences in TLT work. TLT interest groups provide opportunities to build community through participation and to build professional development resources for future use.

TLT Interest Groups are currently forming for:

  • Blackboard
  • Distance Education
  • e-Learning Pedagogy
  • e-Learning Support
  • Instructional Professionals
  • Librarians
  • Open Source
  • TLT Assessment
  • Web Accessibility
  • Blackboard Vista (formerly WebCT Vista)

Each interest group is using initial meetings to examine what key concepts define the interest group, what topics and activities the interest group should pursue, and what roles are needed among interest group participants.


The TLT Collaborative has established listservs to facilitate communication in each interest group. You may join one or more listservs by signing up below. Instructions on how to post to the list will be emailed to you.

Select one or more interest group listservs below:

For more information contact:

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