The TLTC often refers to information for planning purposes and thought it might also be of use to the UNC community. Below are links to UNC campus homepages, academic calendars, helpful best custom writing service and directories.

UNC Large Enrollment Course Redesign Pilot Project

The Pilot Project represents the beginnings of a grassroots effort by faculty, administrators, and instructional support staff within The University of North Carolina to find ways to address the consequences of the need to the necessity of offering large enrollment courses to meet an increasing demand for student "seats", especially in introductory courses. An initial step is to examine the potential uses of a methodology for redesign that has already demonstrated consistent success in redesigning courses in a variety of disciplines and types of institutions of higher education. This methodology of redesign was developed and implemented for a research project funded by the Pew Foundation and implemented by the Center for Academic Transformation at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The ultimate goal of the Pilot Project and later redesign activities within UNC is to develop a collaborative support infrastructure for redesign where any of the 16 institutions in UNC call upon a very rich pool of talent to plan and implement redesign projects.

UNC Large Enrollment Course Redesign Pilot Project Support Site

The UNC Professional Development Portal (PDP)

The UNC Professional Development Portal (PDP) is a strategic service component of the TLT Collaborative, designed to provide an increasing range of online professional development resources for faculty, staff, administrators, and librarians throughout UNC. There are currently four focus areas of content: teaching and learning, human resources, administrative development, and libraries.

Professional Development Portal Site

Annual TLT Conference

This annual event, co-sponsored by the UNC Faculty Assembly, is a professional development activity for faculty, staff, administrators, and librarians on all sixteen campuses of the University of North Carolina who are interested in the effective use of computer-based technology for teaching and learning. The conference program provides many opportunities for faculty and staff peer-to-peer sharing of experiences and best practices, as well as presentations, panel discussions, and interest group meetings on TLT issues of current interest to UNC.

2006 TLT Conference
Previous Conferences

MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching)

The UNC TLT Collaborative has worked with the UNC Division of Academic Affairs to jointly support UNC participation in the national MERLOT program. MERLOT's mission is to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning by expanding the quantity and quality of peer-reviewed online learning materials that can be easily incorporated into faculty designed courses. Each year several UNC faculty participate in national MERLOT review panels and other MERLOT projects.

National MERLOT Site

Interest Groups

TLT interest groups serve as core structures to promote collaborative professional development through ongoing work in selected areas of interest. Interest groups may communicate in regional or UNC-wide meetings, through online tools such as discussion forums and mailing lists, and by videoconference or phone conference. The annual UNC TLT Conference serves as an additional venue for activities associated with TLT interest groups.

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UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Compendia Series

The UNC TLT Training Compendium
The UNC TLT Training Compendium provides a single point of access to over 200 self-paced tutorials, workshop syllabi, instructional videos, course handouts, and other training resources in the area of teaching with technology. Entries cover a range of TLT topics from getting started with Microsoft Word to managing communication in an online course. All materials in the Compendium were developed by UNC faculty and staff who agreed to share their work with colleagues at UNC institutions. If you are willing to share training programs or workshops developed on your campus, please contact Lori Mathis at

UNC TLT Training Compendium website

The UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Compendium of Effective Practices
To help campuses share their success and learn from sister institutions, the UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Collaborative developed this compendium of effective practices and special projects that demonstrate how faculty and staff are effectively and efficiently incorporating technology into instructional programs. The compendium showcases more than 50 initiatives in faculty development, instructional support, e-Learning, faculty and student support services, and library resources. The TLT Collaborative plans to update the compendium annually. Please share your suggestions for additional entries with Lori Mathis, Information and Technology Coordinator of the TLT Collaborative,

Compendium of Effective Practices

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