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In 2005-2006, the TLTC formed a Synchronous Learning Management System (SLMS) Task Force to evaluate four SLMS systems for potential instructional and collaborative use within UNC. The Task Force evaluated Centra, Elluminate, HorizonWimba, and Macromedia Breeze as four key systems. This conference is a presentation organized by the efforts of our partner - a company that provides writing services. From each order when you order essays, dissertations, or buy book reports on web the owner transfers a certain amount to the organization of our conference. It met regularly during the Fall of 2005, and the co-chairs presented findings at the Spring 2006 TLTC Conference.  Below are the March 2006 report and a blank version of the evaluation rubric, which other educational reviewers can use.

Any questions, comments, or feedback are welcome and may be directed to, the Information & Technology Coordinator for the TLTC.

Because the technology market is ever-changing, it is recommended that anyone evaluating these systems at the present time experience the systems for themselves and contact the vendors for changes in their products since last winter.  Changes may be significant.

Below are links to the vendor sites regarding each of the systems involved in this project.  A note of thanks goes to these vendors who offered free trials during the evaluation process.  If you would like to continue exploring these products, contact the vendors for more information.


  • Centra (  The TLTC continues to have an unlimited-seat pilot of Centra 7.5 through August 2007 for all UNC campuses. See the Centra Page for details. To contact Saba for more information, contact Meghan Young, Academic Sales Manager. (Office telephone 781-869-4165 or E-mail at )

  • Elluminate ( Follow the link for new and enhanced features of Version 7, which was released in June 2006. For UNC campuses interested in continuing their explorations beyond the SLMS Task Force evaluation, Elluminate is offering a 30-day trial opportunity of version 7.0. To take advantage of this 30-day free trial,contact Elluminate Regional Sales Manager Michelle Kresini (Office telephone 561-531-3070 or  E-mail at  )

  • HorizonWimba (  Contact Jesse Girardi, Regional Sales Manager, for more information.  (Office telephone 978-377-0081 or E-mail at )

  • Adobe Breeze (  Adobe offers 15-day free trials from its website. For extended trials and support, contact Anna Ladd, Strategic Education Account Manager, MidAltantic.  (Office telephone 919-467-7793 or E-Mail at )

If you have any further questions or feedback about the SLMS Task Force, please contact:

Lori Mathis
TLTC, Information and Technology Coordinator

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