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Title: Preparing Twenty (20) Socio-economically Disadvantaged Robeson County High School Students Considering UNC System Institutions for Success on the SAT via

Computer Resources Treating Sports

Site: Computer Laboratory, Dial Humanities Center, UNCP

Dates: Ten (10) Saturday Mornings in April, May, and Early June of 2000: Thirty (30) Hours


The course will:

1) feature innovative, valid, and revealing pre- and post-testing instruments, to include SAT instruments, as well as both self-efficacy and motivation instruments.

2) develop "Video-Streaming" and E-Mail Collaboration Centers for future use;

3) provide 15 hours of SAT Verbal Section instruction and 15 of Mathematics

Section instruction, all 30 hours to involve the Internet and other software

resources related to the SAT and athletics;

4) will video-tape the 30 hours, intending to provide opportunities in the future for other students, especially those from socio-economically disadvantaged circumstances, who,

likewise, wish to consider UNC System institutions for their baccalaureate education;

5) employ on-line resources to develop "Just in Time" Learning Modules for SAT

preparation focusing entirely on sports.

Method of Student Selection: the writer of this proposal (an SAT Consultant whose doctoral

dissertation treated sports literature) will consult the Athletics Director and coaches

in Robeson County high schools to select the 20 students, 10 males and 10 females,

all of whom will:

1) possess academic promise;

2) be socio-economically disadvantaged;

3) be considering UNC System institutions.

Budget: Please note that no student involved will be paid:

Video-taping and Editing: $2,500

Developing a Web resource, with data base: $5,000

Project Director and Verbal Section Instructor: 10 Saturdays: $3,000

Math Section Instructor: 5 Saturdays: $1,500

Lunches for Students: 10 Saturdays: $1,000

*Computer Lab Assistant: 10 Saturdays: $ l, 000

Lap-Top Computer (Project Preparation): $2,500

Software: $ l, 000

Mileage for Students: 10 Saturdays: $2,000

Xeroxing: $ 500

Other Materials (e.g., cartridges): $ 500

Motivational Speaker (e.g., Dean Smith): $ 600

Total: $21,100

Additional Information:

1) Project Director (see above)

2) Mr. Campbell Price

Instructional Technology Consultant

Educational Technologies Division

NC Department of Public Instruction

Raleigh NC 27601

Phone: 919-715-4682

[email protected]

3) Mr. Todd Russ

Director of Technology

Public Schools of Robeson County

P O Drawer 2909

Lumberton NC 28358

Phone: 910-671-6038

[email protected]

*must possess Internet and other technology expertise demanded in the Dial Computer Laboratory


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