The broad goal of the UNC TLT Distance Education Interest Group is to enable all of us to do a more effective job in planning, implementing, and evaluating distance education degree programs and courses. It will serve as a means to identify issues that would benefit from our collective attention, to share innovative practices, to provide announcements and references to the distance education community, and to ensure a common understanding of policies that have an impact on our work.


The success of this interest group depends on active participation in group activities. As this interest group matures, we may develop various subgroups that are specially interested in particular issues (e.g., community college collaboration, educational programs for the military, degree consortia), although for now it would probably be beneficial for everyone to be exposed to a range of issues and discussions.

Group facilitators
Jim Sadler (, 919-962-3910)

TLT Collaborative staff liaison
Laura Rogers (,  919-929-0313)

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