Since 2000, the UNC TLT Collaborative has worked with the UNC Division of Academic Affairs to jointly support UNC participation in MERLOT, an international cooperative for online instructional resources. Each year, several UNC faculty serve as members of MERLOT's discipline-specific editorial boards and participate in other MERLOT projects.


“A catalog of approximately 14,000 online learning materials for higher education, organized by discipline.”

  • Teaching faculty, instructional support staff, librarians, and students can use MERLOT to find a variety of online materials such as simulations, case studies, and tutorials for learning and instruction.

“A community of people with a shared interest in education who identify, use, and evaluate online learning materials.”
  • People who use MERLOT can read comments and peer reviews, find learning assignments, search personal collections of materials, and invite virtual speakers to participate in their courses.

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More about UNC and MERLOT

Because UNC is a system partner in MERLOT, all employees and students at UNC campuses and system affiliates qualify for special benefits, such as registration discounts for selected conferences and events. It is not necessary to be an individual member of MERLOT to receive partner-related benefits.

Benefits and resources are also available for campus support organizations such as teaching and learning centers.

The MERLOT at UNC page provides further details, as well as links to training materials and information about MERLOT-specific activity on UNC campuses.

Learn more

Who at UNC is involved with MERLOT? Find out on the MERLOT People page.

Would you like to see lists of the latest MERLOT resources in various academic disciplines? Visit the New Materials page.

Do you need to know more about the MERLOT organization? See the About MERLOT page.

Where besides MERLOT can online learning resources be found? Explore the Learning Resources Information page.

For further information, please contact the MERLOT liaison for your campus or UNC's MERLOT project director:

Hilarie Nickerson
Program Coordinator, UNC TLT Collaborative


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