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Conferences, Meetings and Events Search - 36 results

1  THE Teaching in Higher Education Forum
Conference Theme - The Knowledge Enterprise: New Century Learning. At its fifth annual meeting, the Teaching in Higher Education (THE) Forum will continue to showcase important developments in the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning, professional developments and assessment. This ye . . .
Keywords:  Teaching, learning, technology
Event Date(s): April 27, 2003 to April 29, 2003
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2  Annual National Diversity Conference
Diversity from a Global Perspective: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally - The 10th Annual National Diversity Conference marks a momentous occasion for the Leadership Alliance, with 10 years of conferencing the Alliance has become the longest standing and largest annual conference on issues surroundin . . .
Keywords:  diversity
Event Date(s): April 30, 2003 to May 3, 2003
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3  Cooperative Learning Training Seminars For College Faculty - Foundations
Foundations of Cooperative Learning is a course that provides a solid basis for the implementation of cooperative learning in the classroom. The concept, as developed by David and Roger Johnson, is currently being utilized in colleges throughout the world. Participants will learn (1) to design lesso . . .
Keywords:  Cooperative Learning
Event Date(s): May 5, 2003 to May 8, 2003
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4  Cooperative Learning Training Seminars For College Faculty - Advanced
Advanced Concepts of Cooperative Learning is an advanced course focusing on structuring the effectiveness of small groups. Participants will learn to instruct students in how to provide leadership, communication, trust, decision-making and conflict management required for learning groups to be effec . . .
Keywords:  Cooperative Learning
Event Date(s): May 5, 2003 to May 8, 2003
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5  Preserving and Adapting Core Values in the Contemporary University
The Dalhousie University Office of Instructional Development and Technology is pleased to announce the 7th annual Dalhousie Conference on University Teaching and Learning. The Conference provides an opportunity for teachers, students, and staff to engage in lively discussion on issues related to tea . . .
Keywords:  learning communities, values, teaching and learning, Canada
Event Date(s): May 7, 2003 to May 9, 2003
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6  Workshop - Teaching Content to All: Effective College Teaching
This workshop is designed for all college/university faculty who are engaged in teacher preparation, interested in honing their teaching skills, or new to the profession of teaching university students. This workshop will enable faculty to implement a variety of empirically validated teaching routin . . .
Keywords:  course design, course planning
Event Date(s): May 27, 2003 to May 31, 2003
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7  Teaching Well Using Technology - Faculty Workshop
Teaching Well Using Technology: A Faculty Member’s Guide to Wise and Time-Efficient Use of Instructional Technology is a planning workshop you should attend before the hands-on learning of any particular technology. In our experience faculty have too often spent time learning how to use technology t . . .
Keywords:  teaching and learning
Event Date(s): May 31, 2003 to June 1, 2003
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8  NUTN 2003 Digital Learning: The Whole Enchilada
The conference, offered by NUTN in cooperation with Old Dominion University, Dallas TeleLearning, MBS Direct, WebCT and Blackboard, is designed to bring together distance learning administrators and practitioners; continuing education and higher education directors; college and university facult . . .
Keywords:  distance education
Event Date(s): June 1, 2003 to June 3, 2003
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9  Respecting Diversity in Distance Higher Education: A Multicultural and Curriculum Conference
The conference theme for 2003 is "Respecting Diversity in Distance Higher Education." At the center of the conference are its practical interactive poster presentations that offer valuable tools that will help you assess your readiness for teaching or . . .
Keywords:  diversity
Event Date(s): June 5, 2003 to June 6, 2003
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"BOOT CAMP for PROFS®" is a unique week-long program dedicated to celebrating and enhancing college teaching. The program has achieved outstanding reviews from attendants, be they new professors looking to begin their faculty careers or established professors seeking to strengthen skills and renew e . . .
Keywords:  teaching and learning
Event Date(s): June 8, 2003 to June 14, 2003
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11  The Virginia Tidewater Consortium's Summer Institute on College Teaching
The Virginia Tidewater Consortium's Summer Institute on College Teaching is in its Twenty-Fifth year of helping faculty at every level and discipline to become more effective teachers. Over the years hundreds of faculty have participated in the Institute and have found it very worthwhile and rewardi . . .
Keywords:  faculty development
Event Date(s): June 8, 2003 to June 13, 2003
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12  UNESCO Conference on Teaching and Learning for Intercultural Understanding, Human Rights and a Culture of Peace
You are cordially invited to come to share and discuss your ideas about, problems with and expertise in the issues of equity, social justice, conflict resolution and democracy at the international conference. We welcome you as a teacher, developer or researcher involved in intercultural educatio . . .
Keywords:  Multicultural
Event Date(s): June 15, 2003 to June 18, 2003
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13  28th Improving University Teaching Conference
Innovations in Learning-Centered Design: Promoting the Paradigm Shift. Recent IUT Conferences have highlighted topics of special importance to the goal of improving learning and teaching as the values of higher education change more dramatically . . .
Keywords:  learning centered, teaching and learning
Event Date(s): June 16, 2003 to June 19, 2003
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14  Faculty Development for Teaching, Learning and Technology: Principles to Practice
This hands-on institute is designed for faculty developers to identify ways to: engage faculty in faculty development activities around teaching, learning, and technology; work specifically with faculty on faculty development issues that affect teaching, learning, and technology; collaborate w . . .
Keywords:  Teaching, learning. technology
Event Date(s): June 16, 2003 to June 20, 2003
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15  10th Annual EDiNEB International Conference
Impact of Culture and Education on Learning Practices. Here are just a few of the encouraged themes: Innovative education practices, Integration of culture and education, Collaborative learning methods, Designing learning content, New architectures for learning platforms, Making econ . . .
Keywords:  learning, teaching, technology
Event Date(s): June 18, 2003 to June 20, 2003
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16  The 13th Annual International Teaching for a Change Conference
Teaching so that other people will learn and leading so that other people will follow are inevitably about building bridges. In order to learn, teach, and lead effectively, we must concentrate on helping learners -- whether they be students or employees, faculty or trainers, administrators or manag . . .
Keywords:  learning commnities
Event Date(s): June 18, 2003 to June 21, 2003
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17  EDUCAUSE Southeast Regional Conference
The 2003 theme is "IT in the Academy: Collaboration & Leadership." Whether your focus is administrative services, information resources, teaching and learning, technology infrastructure, or management within higher education, you will find opportunities to learn, share, and connect with others in yo . . .
Keywords:  collaboration, leadership, teaching and learning
Event Date(s): June 18, 2003 to June 20, 2003
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18  2003 AAHE Assessment Conference
This year’s assessment conference responds to the National Research Council’s call for a "Richer and More Coherent Set of Assessment Practices." As described in its report Knowing What Students Know: The Science and Design of . . .
Keywords:  Assessment
Event Date(s): June 22, 2003 to June 24, 2003
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ED-MEDIA 2003-World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications is an international conference, organized by the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). This annual conference serves as a multi-disciplinary forum for the discussion and exchange . . .
Keywords:  multimedia, learning objects, media, hypermedia, distance education
Event Date(s): June 23, 2003 to June 28, 2003
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20  Third Annual Institute on Learning Communities
The Institute will focus on learning community theory and practice, emphasizing: strategies for situating and shaping programs to serve learners and their actual needs; curricular design and planning; community and ways to foster it; l promising pedagogies; evaluation and assessment; and lear . . .
Keywords:  Learning communities
Event Date(s): June 24, 2003 to June 29, 2003
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21  Fourth National Institute for New Faculty Developers
A multi-day, intensive, hands-on working residential program designed to address questions posed by faculty developers, to provide a framework for effective instructional development activites on your campus, and to put new faculty developers at ease in their positions.
Keywords:  faculty development
Event Date(s): June 28, 2003 to July 2, 2003
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22  3rd International Conference on Technology in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
The focus of this international conference is to address the various issues surrounding the uses and possibilities of technology in teaching and learning. Following previously succesfull conferences in 2000 (funded by the Spencer Foundation) and 2001, this forum will bring together faculty, student . . .
Keywords:  instructional technology
Event Date(s): July 14, 2003 to July 16, 2003
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23  5th Annual WebCT User Conference
WebCT Impact 2003 - User-submitted sessions are intended to share the successes, best practices, lessons learned, and issues relevant to e-learning on your campus and in your day-to-day work.
Keywords:  WebCT, Course Management Systems, CMS
Event Date(s): July 14, 2003 to July 18, 2003
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24  Teaching Well Using Technology - Facilitator's Institute
The purpose of this web site is to help faculty developers and technology consultants learn and implement the seven step process that helps faculty make wise decisions about technology. The site includes the handouts used during the Teaching Well Using Technology workshop, video excerpts from the wo . . .
Keywords:  teaching and learning, technology
Event Date(s): July 14, 2003 to July 17, 2003
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25  AAHE Summer Academy
The 8th Annual Summer Academy, a week of strategic conversations, action planning, institutional & cross institutional teamwork, mentoring from leaders in higher education, tailored workshops & plenary sessions. Often one of the main challenges to launching institutional change is finding the right . . .
Keywords:  teaching and learning
Event Date(s): July 16, 2003 to July 20, 2003
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"BOOT CAMP for PROFS®" is a unique week-long program dedicated to celebrating and enhancing college teaching. The program has achieved outstanding reviews from attendants, be they new professors looking to begin their faculty careers or established professors seeking to strengthen skills and renew e . . .
Keywords:  teaching and learning
Event Date(s): July 20, 2003 to July 26, 2003
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27  NLII Focus Session : Rubrics for Transformative Assessment Systems
The focus session is designed as part of the Transformative Assessment Project to elicit new ideas about assessment practices and systems that can transform teaching and learning and to help institutions of higher education put these ideas into action. Transformative assessment systems are instituti . . .
Keywords:  Assessment
Event Date(s): July 20, 2003
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28  MDE: Institute for Managing and Developing E-Learning
Internationally known for encouraging expansion of educational technologies and telecommunications, WCET joins Weber State, an institutional leader in online learning, to assemble an array of e-learning experts to help us share our successes in working with faculty and staff, better serving student . . .
Keywords:  e-learning, distance education
Event Date(s): July 27, 2003 to August 31, 2003
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29  MERLOT International Conference - 2003
MERLOT—the Multimedia Education Resource for Learning and Online Teaching, is a free and open resource designed for faculty and students in higher education. MERLOT helps faculty enhance instruction with a continually growing collection of online, reviewed learning materials and assignments. MERLOT . . .
Keywords:  online teaching, learning objects
Event Date(s): August 5, 2003 to August 8, 2003
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30  Making Waves: WebdevShare 2003
With a focus on "Making Waves," the eighth annual WebdevShare conference emphasizes leading-edge solutions to real-world situations in e-commerce, portals, content management, application integration, usability, security, and more.
Keywords:  portals, web development, security
Event Date(s): October 5, 2003 to October 9, 2003
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31  The 28th Annual Conference of the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education
Conference Theme - Vision, Metaphors, and Images -- Vision: In times of challenge, developing a clear vision and sense of direction for ourselves, a unit, or a profession is a survival skill. One theme for the conference is to explore how to engage a campus or a unit in the development of vision. . . .
Keywords:  Faculty Development
Event Date(s): October 8, 2003 to October 12, 2003
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32  NLII Focus Session: Learning Objects
We will collaboratively reflect on the assumptions and practices being formed around the use of learning objects in higher education and in other related fields, explore the emerging best practices for their use, and investigate issues about and attributes of learning objects and the broader managem . . .
Keywords:  Learning objects
Event Date(s): October 10, 2003
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33  Thirty-Third Annual Conference of the International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning
ISETL encourages college and university faculty and practitioners from all disciplines to develop, study , and apply learner-centered peinciples of teaching, learning, and assessment in innovative, yet effective and practical ways.
Keywords:  learner centered, assessment, scholarship of teaching
Event Date(s): October 16, 2003 to October 18, 2003
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34  Technology, Learning, and Intellectual Development
AAC&U invites you to share how your campus is using technology to enhance student learning or building institutional capacity to use technology for intellectual development. AAC&U's Network for Academic Renewal conference on Technology and Learning is designed for faculty and administrators interest . . .
Keywords:  intellectual development, learning environments
Event Date(s): October 30, 2003 to November 1, 2003
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35  EDUCAUSE 2003
The theme of the conference is "Balancing Opportunities, Expectations, and Resources." It’s clear to all of us working with technology in higher education that the struggle to find balance will continue indefinitely. To be sure, new opportunities and challenges will come, along with new demand . . .
Keywords:  Instructional Technology
Event Date(s): November 4, 2003 to November 7, 2003
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36  E-Learn 2003
E-Learn 2003 -- World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, & Higher Education is an international conference organized by the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE) and co-sponsored by the International Journal on E-Learning. This annual confere . . .
Keywords:  e-learning
Event Date(s): November 7, 2003 to November 11, 2003
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