The 28th Annual Conference of the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education
Conference Theme - Vision, Metaphors, and Images -- Vision: In times of challenge, developing a clear vision and sense of direction for ourselves, a unit, or a profession is a survival skill. One theme for the conference is to explore how to engage a campus or a unit in the development of vision. -- Metaphors are a common tool for re-conceptualizing or building understanding of a topic. -- Images: Academicians are accustomed to relying on verbal, textual information for transmitting our messages. We may neglect images and other senses that are important to our students. For example, we train our students to think critically about texts. How do we learn to think critically about images and other media when technology can easily merge reality and fantasy (e.g., seeing Forrest Gump shake the hand of JFK)?
Keywords: Faculty Development
Event Date(s): October 8, 2003 to October 12, 2003
Focus Area: Teaching and Learning
Scope: Global
Resource Type: Conferences, Meetings and Events
Entry Date: March 12, 2003