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Tuesday July 23 
instructional technology retreat

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What was the most informative event of the retreat?

    Cisco Presentation

    assessment of teaching and learning

    Group Meeting Day 2

    The 1st day -> review of Critical Issues

    Presentations on Wed AM

    The breakout sessions The meetings with the Assoc. of T+L directors

    Overview of TLT Initiatives. Informal conversations with participants

    Sharing of campus projects/support of collaboration

    Breaks + mealtimes! :-) Also the break-out sessions

    The various TLT collaborative supported project reports

    Organizing multiple communites supporting Learning + Teaching

    Birds of a feather

    All were

    break out sessions on specific strands

    Prof dev. for ITCs 15-minute presentations of tech. innovations

    meeting w/ prof. in some field - Break time!

    Inetractive discussion

    Collaboration with\among all UNC campuses

    Brainstorming sessions

    Breakout sessions

    Presentations on the first day

    bof sessions

    Morning sessions with presentations by other school representatives

    Assessment in course development.

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