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Tuesday July 23 
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What can we do to continue community-building efforts?

    both face to face and virtual contact

    continue retreats, encourage

    Regional meetings with small univeristies/course info users

    Bi-annual mtgs/conf/retreat

    website more retreats

    Conduct more retreats/workshops for both communities or expanded communities

    Rotating session on various campuses. Lists and other versions of collaboration, community-building.

    Another retreat; include at least 1 faculty and 1 administration from each institution.

    Need an arsenal of avenues. mailing list for anyone interested in these issues; video conferences, SIGs, etc.

    More retreats like this. Web lists of people + their expertise and interests

    Directed meetings. Facilitate gatherings. Team to visit all campuses and make linkages.

    another or annual gathering like the retreat

    occasional gatherings like this one

    Communicate routinely; facilitate UNC campus-wide events perhaps focusing on more specific topics that are common across the board

    Keep inviting in more stake holders

    Assure that the ideas + enthusiasm arising here are not lost in the beauracracy - follow up with regular feedback and prompts


    The collaborative meeting should be a semi-annual event. It might move among campuses or be held in the central area of the state. Also, consider quarterly teleconferences to discuss the Collaborative.

    Encourage collaborative work across the system.

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