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Tuesday July 23 
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What do you see as the most critical functions for the UNC TLT Collaborative?

    -> Catalyst for new creative thinking collaboration and initiating change->connecting appropriate groups

    collaboration and support for issues identified

    Representing UNC system to Publishers & Course managment program vendors

    Portal and standard setter

    => Community-building: Teaching/Learning. Faculty, ITC People =>sharing, gathering or resources

    To be visible on especially those campuses that are setting up T+L Centers to help emphasize the importance of incorporating technology in teching effectiveness

    Help reduce the digital divide between small and large campuses. Push GA to recognize TLT in faculty reward systems. Foster collaboration among UNC campuses

    Information regarding funding/grants Facilitate communication among institutions Provide leadership for new technological initiatives

    -To follow up actively on issues raise here. -To encourage GAs active involvement at top levels in providing guidance to campuses.

    -Community Building -Collaborative activities - promoter of these -Information Sharing

    Legitimizing TLT support and activities

    Hard to say because I got so much information of many types

    Establish communication + cooperation

    function as a "connector"

    Keeping the focus on teachings + learning;support;community-building among groups

    sharing info - gathering folks together

    -facilitate sharing of information -act as conduit, diesseminating strategies, best practices, etc.

    Building bridges across campuses

    communication portal

    Portal for communication + as resource

    To leverage resources available throughout system for general UNC benefit


    Providing a place where we can all discuss our various ways of solving problems. Being a clearinghouse of results, particularly negative results. If one campus tries something and it doesn't work, the other campuses need to know so they don't duplicate the failure.

    Continued sharing of ideas and encouraging collaborative work.

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