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Tuesday July 23 
instructional technology retreat

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Additional Comments

    EXCELLENT retreat full of thought-provoking ideas. Well done!!!

    I learned quite a lot, made new contacts and enjoyed the location!

    The concept of a team approach to assisting faculty in creating and delivering online content (across campus boundaries)

    Lots crammed into 2 1/2 days. Almost too much! + long days

    This was most informative and provided many avenues for thinking about what the mission of our new Center should be and how to proceed in establishing it.

    I think this was a good start toward getting TLC and TLT leaders together, but the imbalance between technical and teaching populations was too great. Better faculty representation would have been beneficial. I would like to see a repeat, but with more faculty and some students.

    Incentives discussion are very important and relate. However impacting P+T policy should not be the function of the collaborative but an outgrowth of meetings with campus faculty and administration.

    It's always good to get together with representatives from the smaller campuses, I always learn something from them. It was great to include faculty and staff in this meeting. Interested in a repeat? yes. Beach :-)

    Please repeat this retreat! Add some workshops and hands on tool demos, basic presentations on emerging faculty, how-we-do it case studies - sharing. Nice job! Thanks for the email room. At this year-end time of the year it was so necessary to have this resource.

    Do it again next year.

    A followup retreat

    Great job!

    Valuable gathering/sharing

    Because of the challenges we are all facing with respect to TLT or some annual meeting of this nature would not be too often.

    I found a few things that will make a huge difference - Thanks!

    Would love to see this happen each year

    Wonderful! Follow-up retreat - YES!

    Do it again!

    Outstanding work on this retreat. My compliments to the folks who planned it! As a faculty member, I learned more here than I did at the national meeting in my field this year.

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