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Sunday September 8 
instructional technology retreat

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Professional Development for Informational Systems Technologists [IST] and Instructional Technology Consultants [ITC] Professionals

Continuous Training
Mostly Self Training


    What is important to learn
    Tools Identification
    What should ITC Professionals know
    Collaborative Training
    Pedagogical Development

Specialization of ITCs
Training needs different for large v. small campuses because IT Professionals have different roles on campus.
Larger campuses can specialize and therefore ITC do not have to know as many things.
Different ITCs champion software applications

Identify People to be Developed:

    Information Systems Technology
    Instructional Technology Consultants
    Staff using Campus Software Products
    Faculty working independently
    Campus and System Wide support systems [library, etc]

Instructional Technology Consultant: Effective Use of Technology
Informational Systems Technology: Effective Delivery of Technology

Campus to Campus Help

    Group Training
    Group Purchase of Training
    Statewide Best Practices
    Professional Needs and Issues
    Statewide Certification Process?
    Statewide Coordinator
    Emergency System Wide Assistance Team [eSWAT] assistance

Campus visits between ITCs [Best times for collaboration]
Financial support important
Understand organizational differences between campuses

Reward System

Certification of ITCs

    Ability to work with Faculty/Public
      Understanding Faculty responsibilities/needs
      Consultant and Training skills

    Instructional Design
      Lesson Development
      Learning Types
      Course Development

    Experience with Technology

      Basic HTML
      Course Management System

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