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Sunday September 8 
instructional technology retreat

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Professional Development Sessions

1. *Training of mass number of faculty - retreat at computer lab with trainers.*

2. Training administration - TLT must provide "blitzkrieg" support campus to campus

3. TLT sponsors training for various products especially teaching, technology, and delivery of products

4. Discuss intellectual property issues

5. Training in course mgmt software

6. Helping faculty make transfer from classroom teaching to web based teaching.

7. List of resources that TLT can provide to help recognize way to help faculty

8. TLT way come up with guidelines for using and evaluating new technologies

9. Best practices on specific areas, possibly books and such.

10. Enticements to learn about technology - grants, etc.

11. What is out there right now? - provide demonstrations

12. Teach IT people how to use technology with teaching

13. Resources for existing models for evaluating web based courses (WIT model)

14. Instructional design help - sensitivity training for IT people and faculty

15. Instructional design workshops and transfer from on-campus to web.

16. Basic trans-instructional workshops

17. *Incentives for faculty (possibly low cost), statement from GA that is was important to the system (RPT)

18. Symposiums - system-wide

19. Personalized needs assessment

20. Proliferation of knowledge - related to teaching and technology for assistive technology

21. Collaborative teams

22. Faculty incentives specifically for up front development (grants, release)

23. Clearinghouse for opportunities (funding, grant, etc.)

24. Support must include adequate infrastructure for implementing technology

25. Ratio of trainers to faculty needs to be better especially field-specific trainers.

26. Time devoted to IT training needs to be longer

27. Emphasize importance of aesthetics (graphic designers, instructional designers, etc)

28. Give instructors experience of being an online student.

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