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Sunday September 8 
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Classroom Standards

Mel Schumaker - UNCG - Tg/Lg Ctr.
Chris Cobitz - NCA&T - IT Specialist SOE
Jean Camp - UNCG - IT Specialist SOE
Tom Davis - ASU - Instructor - Phil/Rel
Angus Small - WSSU - Dir Net Services
Rowanne Joyner - UNCC - IT Specialist for Students

Susan Peck - ECSU - IT Specialist and
Beth Rodgers Leftwich - WCU - Academic Comp. Specialist

Issues People Collaborative Our Recommendations
Connectivity and who pays for it (dept., colleges/schools, university-wide funds)?
  • Campus IT
  • Physical plant
  • Outside contractors
  • Faculty
  • Spell out need for connectivity in every classroom
  • Provide models and vendor contacts
  • Communication - key
Projection Display Quality
  • IT personnel
  • Faculty
  • Set minimum standards (situational differences)
  • Do not purchase displays that hamper classroom capabilities
Standardize Equipment?
  • IT
  • personnel
  • Faculty
  • System-wide checkout (pool) for specialized equipment
  • Collaborative purchasing
  • Minimum standards set
  • Standardization helps with training issues
  • Plan and purchase many classroom set-ups at one time. Specialized equipment can be added to it later.
  • "Ghosting" of stations easier to do if all equipment is standardized.
Technical personnel support for equipment and software
  • IT personnel
  • Computer Center personnel
  • Provide portal for creative ideas for classroom support of multiple user issues.
  • Need to be available and accessible during operational hours of classrooms (this needs to be a priority).
Communication from the rooms (telephone in rooms)    
  • Yes! Good idea!
  • Explore use of walkie-talkies and portable phones.
Training for using hardware/software
  • Teaching and Learning personnel
  • IT personnel
  • Faculty
  • IT Faculty
  • Pool resources together and provide access to these (web links, books, journals, etc.)
  • In-context learning (teach word processing using syllabus to web page philosophy).
  • Self-help web sites (multiple ways to learn).
Web page standards (compliance with accessibility issues, credibility)
  • Web Master
  • Attorney
  • Models, legal disclaimers, SACS requirements
  • Portal for recommendations (good practices)
  • Add disclaimers to faculty and student pages
Equipment other than computers
  • Faculty
  • Students
  • IT Personnel
  • Assistive technology people
  • Research and recommend reliable equipment and software in this area.
  • Don't forget audio and video technologies (quality too).
Classroom equipment/software vs. lab or other      
Funding Opportunities      
Environmental conditions - temp, desk, blackboards, lighting (and who takes care of that kind of thing)
  • Faculty
  • Architects
  • IT People
  • Portal to provide information about the standards, issues, and needs
Mobility-safety and security  
  • Portal to provide information about the standards, issues, and needs
Legal - ADA, etc  
  • Portal to provide information about the standards, issues, and needs
Technological impact of ADA and other legal issues  
  • Portal to provide information about the standards, issues, and needs
Prioritizing rooms - what are the criteria?      
Scheduling outfitted rooms      

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