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State of North Carolina
IRMC Accessibility Workgroup

Presented by Rowanne Joyner for Bill Stahl
UNC Charlotte

Work Group Mission

    • Serving as an advocate for the process of development of a state policy, in compliance with federal laws, for the Information Resource Management Commission (IRMC).
    • Developing a position statement for state compliance for public information distribution.
    • Identifying standards that are either emerging or fully adopted by national standards organizations.
    • Developing and adopting a draft policy statement on technology and disability that would be placed within the state's technology architecture.

Documents and Articles

    • Position Paper
    • Memorandum from the Association of Tech Act Projects
    • Information Technology Accessibility: A Status Report by the State Information Technology Access Coalition (SITAC)
    • About SITAC
    • Work Group Letter of Establishment
    • Work Group Member List

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