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Wednesday September 4 
instructional technology retreat

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Course Management Session

· Problems with caching server strategies, distributed servers, local pop issues
· Course on creating courses/how to teach/how technology work
· Plan to put something online for the slower adapters
· Need for overall specification for what a good course mgmt. system is
· - NC State course mgmt requirements
· Technology, course building, computer standards
· Training for it professionals and faculty in creating online courses
· Cold Fusion collaborative licensing for backend info collection
· Pre-course computer skills modules, campus wide module checklist
· Bucket of information for people delving into specific areas developed collaboratively by all campuses
· Collaboration between campuses, facilitation of this by tltc
· Database of in-house support documents available to everyone · Database of faculty activities, template driven
· Development of standards
· Some campuses will have SCT/SIS integrated with blackboard course info by this fall (UNCP)
· UNCG enrolls manually via TopClass/Ecollege
· Collaborative leverage to coerce vendors to build-to-suit (SCT)
· Show and tell sessions hosted by the various schools needed, tltc pay and organize this? · Wednesday 2 hour NCREN video conference hosted by GA for more frequent collaborative meetings, people would like more face-to-face meetings, or possibly using some of the technology that we create for students to facilitate this (forums, etc.)
· Create a full fledged portal including forums, chat, etc. on tltc servers for future collaboration (possibly in blackboard, cisco, or webct)
· Collaborative should have great persistence when facilitating collaboration
· Cisco web-casting server
· Create guest accounts on all campuses, all courses for collaboration
· How do all the different course mgmt systems integrate with Pipeline?

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