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National Service-Learning Clearinghouse
The National Service-Learning Clearinghouse supports the Service-Learning community in higher education, kindergarten through grade twelve, community-based initiatives and tribal programs, as well as all others interested in strengthening schools and communities using Service-Learning techniques and . . .
Keywords:  Service-Learning.
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Portland State University's Center for Academic Excellence (CAE)
The main goal of Portland State University's CAE is to promote and support academic excellence in Teaching and Learning, Community Based Learning & University Assessment. The CAE assists individual faculty, interest groups, department, schools and colleges in reaching their goals. Here you will find . . .
Keywords:  Teaching Excellence,Learning Excellence,Community-Based Learning,University Assessment,Teaching with Technology,Portfolio Dev,GA Dev,Service-Learning.
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Conferences, Meetings and Events Search - 2 results

Lilly Conference on College & University Teaching - Summer Institute
Immerse yourself in an exploration of a topic of interest to you. Spend 2? days with colleagues and expert facilitators designing and developing your own courses and campus-wide programs. Members of these faculty learning communities are selected fro . . .
Keywords:  Faculty Development
Event Date(s): July 11, 2002 to July 13, 2002
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Southern Regional Learning Communities Conference - Transforming Education for a 'New South'
With one of the nation's leading authorities on learning communities and many other seasoned learning community faculty, student affairs professionals and administrators this conference will provide an opportunity for those new to learning . . .
Keywords:  learning communities, curriculum reform, change
Event Date(s): October 24, 2002 to October 26, 2002
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Grants and Funding Sources Search - 1 result

Microsoft: Connected Learning Community Program
The Connected Learning Community (CLC) program, seeks to enhance learning and communication in disadvantaged communities by expanding access to information technology. CLC grants are given to public and nonprofit organizations that connect individuals of all ages to learning resources.
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Networking, Collaborative and Sabbatical Opportunities Search - 0 result

Online Collections (databases, lists, etc) Search - 2 results

Teaching Tips: Teaching & Learning Center at University of Nebraska-Lincoln
The services of the TLC at UNL range from helping an instructor construct a better test or ask better questions to assisting faculty with grant proposals or instructional planning, and responding to faculty requests for information on teaching. On this website, you will find a comprehensive list of . . .
Keywords:  Planning a Course,First Day,Suggestions for TAs,Question Types,Effectiveness, Notetaking, GTA services,Exam Services,Teaching Initiatives,Peer Review,Undergrad Learning Communities,Internet Resources
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Virtual University
Virtual University is a member-supported, global learning community and the largest educational portal on the Internet today; yet, their roots extend back to the 1960s. In that turbulent era of change and social awareness, their founders understood that knowledge is the mortar of a free society and . . .
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SOLID Project:The Virtual Learning Community, 58 North Carolina Community Colleges
The Virtual Learning Community is a collaborative effort of all 58 North Carolina Community Colleges, sharing resources and expertise to expand access to quality online courses and support services.
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Publications Search - 6 results

The Powerful Potential Of Learning Communities: Improving Education For The Future
This monograph, of the ASHE-ERIC Higher Education Report Series, offers an in-depth discussion of several approaches to student learning communities, introduces the concept of virtual learning communities, and gives specific suggestions for creating purposeful learning communities that can promote a . . .
Keywords:  Learning Communities.
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Combining Service and Learning
Service-learning integrates community service into a traditional academic curriculum. Courses that have a service component help students connect material learned in class and experiences acquired in their placements. "For Your Consideration..." (FYC) # 13, produced by the Center for Teaching and Le . . .
Keywords:  FYC, active learning, activities outside class, service-learning, community service, evaluation systems
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Guidelines on the Quality Assurance of Distance Learning
* These guidelines offer advice on assuring the quality and academic standards of higher education programs of study provided through distance learning. The guidelines have been produced at the request of the distance learning community in the United Kingdom, which has recognized not only that the . . .
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The Portal's Progress: A Gateway for Access, Information, and Learning Communities
by David L. Eisler, Weber State University. Campus portals have evolved from static campus Web pages to a comprehensive interface for accessing university resources, community groups, and interactive learning environments. The campus portal is a hot topic on many college and university campuses. Whi . . .
Keywords:  tlt teaching and learning with technology portal support
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Through A Dark Wood
by Susan Saltrick, Conference on Learning Communities University of Miami, 1/9/98. This inspiring essay focuses on some of the most difficult and important choices facing educators and their institutions as they confront challenges raised by technology.
Keywords:  educational technology education learning support
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WebCT is one of the world's leading provider of integrated e-learning systems. Over 1,578 colleges and universities are using WebCT's products and services.

WebCT appears to be moving toward an integrated learning environment linking the course tool with the many services and resources available . . .

Keywords:  software course management system cms lms learning management system technology webCT technology e-learning technology
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Software, Hardware, Services Search - 2 results

SOLID Project: Oracle iLearning Learning Management System
Oracle iLearning is an enterprise Learning Management System that provides effective, manageable, integrated, and extensible internet based learning solutions to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Oracle iLearning brings learners, instructors, content providers and learning stakeholders (e.g. managers) toge . . .
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WebCT is one of the world's leading provider of integrated e-learning systems. Over 1,578 colleges and universities are using WebCT's products and services.

WebCT appears to be moving toward an integrated learning environment linking the course tool with the many services and resources available . . .

Keywords:  software course management system cms lms learning management system technology e-learning solid webct
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Workshops and Training Materials Search - 2 results

Faculty Development 101: Instructing Lessons Online
Developed by Penn State, which has a renowned history with distance education, Faculty Development 101 allows an instructor to play the role of student in an online learning environment while learning the essentials of distance education. Though intended for Penn State World Campus faculty, the less . . .
Keywords:  Online learning, distance education, instructional methods, teaching strategies, copyright, legal issues, distance learners, faculty development, Penn State World Campus
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Milliken University - Teaching and Learning with Technology - TLT
The purpose of this web site is to provide for the dissemination of information about the uses of technology to enhance teaching and learning and to stimulate discussion on these issues within our learning community. Some areas covered: ACCESSIBILITY AND TECHNOLOGY, ASSESSMENT, CLASSROOM DESIGN, COP . . .
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