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The Collaboration - For the advancement of College Teaching and Learning
The Collaboration, in its own words, is an alliance of colleges and universities that supports and promotes outstanding college teaching. It provides professional support and renewal for those who want to enhance student learning through involvement in an inter-institutional and interdisciplinary co . . .
Keywords:  Active Learning, Brain-based Teaching, Cooperative Learning, Critical Thinking, Diversity, Service-Learning.
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Center for Teaching Excellence-University of Kansas
The Center for Teaching Excellence, developed by faculty and administrators to support teaching at the University of Kansas, has as its primary goal advocating and fostering Teaching Excellence. The website provides information about the Staff and Ambassadors for the CTE . It also provides links to . . .
Keywords:  Professional Dev,GTAs, Essays, Instructional Dev,Tips, Writing, Active Learning, Case Studies, First Day, Teaching Approaches, Assignments, Evaluation, Teaching Portfolios.
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19th Annual Faculty Development Summer Institute
Active Learning & Teaching in University & College, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island , CANADA In 2002, the UPEI Faculty Development Summer Institute on Active Learning and Teaching is being presented for the 19th consecutive year. It is the only one of its kind in Canada and has been in existence . . .
Keywords:  Teaching and Learning
Event Date(s): July 29, 2002 to August 2, 2002
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The Active Learning Site
This site supports the scholarship of teaching by providing research-based resources designed to help faculty use active learning successfully in college and university classrooms. Resources include active learning workshops, inventories, bibliographies, summaries, and web links.
Keywords:  Active/Student-Centered/Learner-Centered Learning
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Active Learning For The College Classroom
Dr. Don Paulson, a chemist at California State at Los Angeles, has written a number of articles related to using active learning techniques in science, engineering, mathematics, and technology courses. His web site contains a number of rapid techniques useful in a variety of classes.
Keywords:  active learning cooperative collaborative theory
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Constructivism Links
A general list of resource links on constructivism complied by the University of Colorado at Denver. Points to readings, definitions, and other corollary sites.
Keywords:  constructivism active learning theory
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People (specialists, consultants, facilitators) Search - 1 result

Richard Felder
North Carolina State University
Dr. Richard M. Felder is the Hoechst Celanese Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering at North Carolina State University. On his Home Page, he provides various methodologies and well-defined instructional techniques that make teaching more effective . . .
Keywords:  Learning Styles, Engineering, Active Learning, Cooperative Learning, Teaching Workshops, Handouts for Students, Stoichiometry, Excel Tutorials, Maple Tutorials

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Using Wireless Palm Technology to Promote Active Learning in the Classroom
Western Carolina University, Dr. Frank Prochaska, Mr. Robert Orr, Dr. Robert Houghton, and Dr. Robbie Pittman.

A University Of North Carolina Teaching and Learning Collaborative Grant

Western Carolina University is proposing to investigate how wireless palm technology can be used to achieve . . .

Keywords:  tlt teaching and learnign with technology unc schools WCU Western Carolina University research palm experimental
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Publications Search - 13 results

Active Learning: Creating Excitement In The Classroom
Authors Charles C. Bonwell and James A. Eison present the elements and advantages of active learning in this report. They discuss modifications to traditional lectures, alternative lecture formats, additional active learning strategies, the roles of researchers and various college and university per . . .
Keywords:  Active Learning.
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Combining Service and Learning
Service-learning integrates community service into a traditional academic curriculum. Courses that have a service component help students connect material learned in class and experiences acquired in their placements. "For Your Consideration..." (FYC) # 13, produced by the Center for Teaching and Le . . .
Keywords:  FYC, active learning, activities outside class, service-learning, community service, evaluation systems
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Media in the College Classroom
Over the last two decades, instructional media became an integral part of the pedagogical landscape. And research has shown that audiovisuals can improve learning. Advanced studies are investigating how media may be used to stimulate critical thinking and help students develop a cognitive framework . . .
Keywords:  FYC, media, instructional media, audiovisuals, computer imaging, active learning, learning styles, teaching technologies, learning technologies, critical thinking,
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The Guided Discussion
Teaching is an art-form, but it is not an art-form that can sustain itself indefinitely from the wells of pure inspiration. Teaching is a research-supported art-form. The Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill publishes suggestions and reflections on t . . .
Keywords:  FYC, active learning, classroom activities, questioning techniques, reading and writing exercises, journaliing, beliefs and attitudes, roles, discussions, student participations
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The Lecture Method
The Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill offers suggestions for exploiting the strengths and avoiding the weaknesses of the lecture method of teaching. The November 1989 issue of "For Your Consideration..." (FYC) offers a set of basic pedagogical techni . . .
Keywords:  FYC, lecture method, active learning, teaching techniques, pedagogy
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Active Learning Beyond The Classroom
Active learning does not begin and end at the classroom door. The Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill promotes active learning in the classroom and beyond. The January 1989 issue of "For Your Consideration..." (FYC) discusses both the research that su . . .
Keywords:  FYC, active learning, activities outside class, small group activities, reading and writing exercises, student research, journaling
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Writing To Learn
The Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill supports the findings of the 1986 report by an Ad Hoc Committee to the UNC Faculty Council on the importance of writing as an active way to learn. The April 1989 issue of "For Your Consideration..." (FYC) include . . .
Keywords:  FYC, active learning, writing, writing to learn, writing center, writing exercises, learning, grading, journaling
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Classroom activities for active learning
The Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill promotes a variety of tested pedagogical skill sets. Among these is "active learning." Evidence from research suggests that active involvement in the learning process is vitally important for the mastery of skill . . .
Keywords:  FYC, active learning, classroom activities, questioning techniques, small group activities, reading and writing exercises
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Teaching And Learning With Cases
This collection provides materials from a 1995 workshop on active learning through analysis of cases. This reference includes basics of case teaching, classroom techniques, instructions for researching and writing decision cases, and integrating decision case discussions with cooperative learning st . . .
Keywords:  Active Learning, Case Teaching, Cooperative Learning.
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Preparing Faculty for Instructional Technology: From Education to Development to Creative Independence
Karen L. Smith -- Instructional technology can be imposed on existing courses, materials and approaches. Or faculty can learn to make appropriate choices in order to create new learning environments that apply research insights into memory functions, learning strategies, learner styles, personal int . . .
Keywords:  online teaching, instructional design
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Using a Web Site in a Large Lecture Class to Help Students with Personal Learning Projects
by Darrell L. Butler, Ball State University -- An article about encouraging student-centered learning in a large class by using modern technology.
Keywords:  classroom technology
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Managing - and Motivating! - Distance Learning Group Activities
by Barbara J. Millis, Director of Faculty Development, US Air Force Academy. To promote learning, you will want to structure online activities to encourage the kind of student interactions and active learning that foster deep learning. Deep approaches to learning -- learning for understanding -- ar . . .
Keywords:  distance learning best practices teaching online activities
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Implementing the Seven Principles: Technology as Lever
This essay describes some of the most cost-effective and appropriate ways to use computers, video, and telecommunications technologies to advance the "Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education."
  1. Good Practice Encourages Contacts Between Students and Faculty
  2. Good Prac . . .
Keywords:  best practices technology teaching instruction methods styles faculty learning
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Course Redisgn for Effective Learning (CREL) is an intensive one-week workshop intended to provide faculty at University of North Florida with the time and resources needed to construct a comprehensive course redesign plan for a specific designated course. The workshop activities are based upon col . . .
Keywords:  active, collaborative learning
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Cooperative Learning Workshop Materials
Workshop materials presented at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Instructional Excellence Retreat, May 1996 by Barbara J. Millis, PhD, Associate Director for Faculty Development, United States Air Force Academy, Facilitator
Keywords:  cooperative collaborative active learning workshop instruction
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