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TLT Surveys:

Do you have specific suggestions for Flashlight-based surveys and questionnaires that could be developed by the TLT Collaborative to serve UNC as a whole?

12 Responses

    We expect every exam/survey to pass strict statistical controls and have the software now to do this. Flashlight does not provide such an opportunity. It is hard enough to get a valid questionnaire for a limited population, not even considering UNC as a whole.
    use of technology choosing CMS
    Assess the Professional Development portal as a whole and its various sections; assess the TLTC portal as a whole; survey the effectiveness of TLT initiatives or TLT-inspired campus events and programs.
    I think a generic student course evaluation form would be good for both traditional and online courses
    1) Administrative performance 2) Evaluation of administrative and student support services 3) Evaluation of services provided the community
    Cost effectiveness of technology in the classroom. How well is techology assisting with learning?
    more open process to Campuses Staff, faculty, students

Respondent Information:

Name Title Phone Email
George Conklin Professor of Sociology 919-530-7327 [email protected] (Unix Mail).
Lori Mathis Instructional Applications Manager 919-962-8256 [email protected]
Marge Baumann Instructional Technology Consultant 910-672-1907 [email protected]
Traci Haskett Instructional Technologist Consultant 828-227-7196 [email protected]
Kenneth L. Chambers Director of IT Training and Special Projects 919/530-6119 [email protected]
Chris Weaver ITC 252.328.1627 [email protected]
Debra Randleman Instructional Development Consultant 828-227-3701 [email protected]
Brenda R. Shaw Director, Center for University Teaching and Learning, NCCU, Durham 919-560-6374 [email protected]
Dr. Adriane Leche Instructional Designer 336 750-3044 [email protected]
Patricia Turrisi Director, Center for Teaching Excellence, UNCW 910-962-7392 [email protected]
Ray C Purdom Director 336-334-5078 [email protected]
Harmon S. Watson Director, Telecommunications Center (910) 672-1382 [email protected]
Hilarie Nickerson TLTC Consultant 919-933-8333 [email protected]
Sallie M. Ives Director, Faculty Center for Teaching (704) 687-3021 [email protected]
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