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UNC Flashlight Statewide Training Workshop Survey [RESULTS] p a g e s 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


What were your reasons for attending the workshop? Include information about what you hoped to learn.

21 Responses

    I wanted to see what the software would do for the various courses I teach and work with.
    I attended the workshop in order to get an overview of Flashlight as a concept and program and to learn a bit about administrative issues and Flashlight.
    To learn the technical aspects of Flashlight and how it could be used on our campus as a "user friendly" surveying tool that would generate results that could be used for research and improvements of courses and administrative offices.
    I am the Flashlight Admin here at ECU
    To learn more about the program and to learn how to implement it to our university.
    My supervisor asked me to attend this program in his place. I did not know anything about Flashlight prior to attending this workshop. As a result everything that I learned at the Flashlight workshop was new, fresh, and interesting.
    To learn more about the Flashlight tool before I bring the trainer onto campus.
    I wish to use Flashlight for evaluating the impacts of my area (Instructional Computing Services), and I am the campus administrator for Flashlight and will be offering training to faculty and staff in the future.
    I wanted to learn what Flashlight could do for faculty and administrators who wished to add an on-line assessment piece to their courses or areas of supervision.
    Online Evaluation Program Evaluation Assessment
    I was asked to be the replacement person for another person.
    I hoped to learn what Flashlight was capable of and how we might utilize it at my University.
    I attended so I can learn about the software program and how it could be used to assist faculty and others with evaluation technological courses.
    Learn a lttle more about the tool and see if it would be applicable to our college
    I was on a shopping trip to see if Flashlight would be a good purchase for my campus.
    To learn how to effectively use Flashlight Online To gain knowledge about the development, testing, and organization of the CSi To find out about the type and possible analysis of data available to users To discover information (e.g. national norms) that was being collected by the Flashlight Project To see concrete examples of the use of Flashlight To learn how the sub-scale codes can be used and possible tabulation schemes.
    I'm interested in any programs which assist in institutional and instructional assessment.
    1. I wanted to learn how to create surveys to be used with my on line courses. 2. I wanted to learn how the flashlight tools could be used by the college.
    Gain a basic understanding of Flashlight's purpose and use.
    Wanted to know ways in which Flashlight could be used in a variety of contextx: classroom research, program assessment, etc.
    to learn

Please indicate your primary role with regard to Flashlight:

23 Responses

Flashlight administrator 26%
Flashlight trainer 17%
Flashlight user 13%
Survey professional 4%
Other (describe) 39%

Other Descriptions:

    Equal parts administrator and trainer
    Observer/IT professional
    Instructional Development Consultant
    Will probably train and use
    faculty member
    TLTC representative
    play a mix of these roles
    none just was there

Please indicate your level of experience with Flashlight prior to the workshop:

22 Responses

No familiarity 41%
Visited Flashlight web site 14%
Just getting started with Flashlight 41%
Using Flashlight for some time 5%

In what ways did the workshop end up being useful to you?

20 Responses

    I knew why questionnaires are used and developed. What I needed to know was the limits and possibilities of the software. We got almost none of that exposure.
    I garnered some information regarding evaluation research and technology, which was helpful glossing for me since I don't have a lot of time to read up on the research. I also had a chance to talk to a colleague at my university regarding a proposed Flashlight project.
    Understood how surveys can be used to improve IT services
    I enjoyed the workshop but thought that it was slow at times.
    Taught me the functionality and the usefulness of the program.
    The workshop made me aware of Flashlight as a product that could be used as an evaluation tool.
    Opportuntity to meet others using tool. I was sick the second day.
    In assisting the presenter establish accounts for the workshop participants, I quickly learned how to establish accounts and access for users.
    I can help faculty understand where this assessment tool can give them valuable feedback about their students tech prior knowledge, the effectiveness of teaching strategies and use of various technology related tools, and end of course feedback. Administrators can use it to gather demographic data, and create surveys to help measure technology effectiveness of programs.
    Was not useful at all.
    I had hands-on experience with Flashlight.
    I had a better idea of what the program was capable of doing.
    I had the chance to explore the questions that could be utilized and I enjoyed the discussions with colleagues. The hand-on was most practical.
    I learned some of the capabilities of the program. It would be a good choice for my campus.
    I'm afraid that I didn't get much out of the workshop
    The workshop was of little use.
    I felt the workshop met my two basic needs.
    I did learn the basics, up to a point. It was also a good way of meeting people elsewhere in the UNC system.
    1) Exposed two of my collaegues to Flashlight so they can begin to use it as a model in the development of a program in assessment of library instruction;ovided an opportunity where I could focus on Flashlight possibilities.
    By getting a better understanding of usefulness of this product on our campus.

In what ways could the workshop have been better?

19 Responses

    Most importantly, the audience was way too diverse to meet needs well. I would have liked a dedicated session to administrative and technical issues regarding Flashlight, but that's because my role will involve those issues. I liked overviews of research in the field, but I am sure that was not useful to some teaching and learning center folks. I also got the sense that many would have liked to get their hands on the tool earlier.
    I would have preferred less pedagogy (maybe 1/2 day instead of 1) and a little more help in the technical aspects of Flashlight.
    Quicker pace
    Less theory and more hands on.
    It would have helped me to know in advance that I would be asked to attend so that I could have prepared more for the workshop.
    I wish the information would have been less theroy and more practical.
    Less theory, more hands-on
    It needs to be better organized. There needs to be less emphasis on theory and more emphasis on practice. The trainer should not have assumed the people knew what Flashlight was.
    More time on using Flashlight would have helped to raise my comfort level with using the instrument.
    More time needed to have been spent actually using the program rather than discussing philosophies behind its development.
    More hands on time. Also, it would have been nice to see actual survy results that were previously done by someone to see what the data looks like when it is complete.
    Design of workshop: first day confusing to participants: not designed to adapt to different levels of Flashlight knowledge.
    The facilitator (Patricia) should have omitted the teaching/learning pep sessions and focused on using the program. The last two hours were the best and most useful part of the training and they should have been up front and first, and lasted much longer, with more questions and answers and applications.
    Provided some actual training in using Flashlight Online Given specific, concrete examples of effective use of Flashlight Follow up to individual/group workshop activities. An example activity should been selected and a Flashlight survey developed. A better understanding by the facilitator of the objectives and backgrounds of the participants
    Too little time was devoted to working with the program. Too much time was devoted to theoretical issues of pedagogy.
    I would have like to have been introduced to Flashlight at the very beginning so I could have known what questions to ask during the presentations.
    The workshop seemed disorganized and not particularly geared to the audience. The topics were there -- learning about evaluation, Flashlight theory and practice (preparation and survey construction) -- but the treatment was not deep enough to be truly useful.
    needed to spend less time on pre-Flashlight session. I didn't need so much background on the instructional process. We spent so much time on that part that we really short-changed the info on Flashlight proper.
    Developing Ideas or design infrastructure, how to imploy this product on (16) NC Campuses.

What other feedback would you like us to provide in a follow-up report to the provider of Flashlight to prepare that organization for future training on your campus?

15 Responses

    None right now.
    As an IT consultant, I found myself going around in circles trying to figure out the program. Others had the same problems as well. More indepth technical aspects should be covered, such as, how to use other templates, cover a bit of Administration, practice creating users and groups, starting and stopping surveys, analyzing data and how to export to other file formats and the difference in the available options.
    same as above, less theory and more hands on...
    Periodic e-mail updates.
    I would like the training to talk more about the product itself: it's limitations, how it is used effectively, how to use it.
    Identify the participants and meet their specific needs--general faculty do not need all the theory, just activities designed to help them develop and navigate within Flashlight, then the freedom to create for themselves with tech support right there to guide them through the first time.
    It more time is spent on how to use Flashlight and less time in introducing Flashlight, the participants would have a better working knowledge about using Flashlight as an evaluation tool.
    I could use a more focused workshop to help me learn how to utilizse this program to its maximum capability and to be able to share this with other faculty and staff at my University.
    I am working with Patti Derbyshire now to come to our campus to present Flashlight. I have discussed with her our needs, more hands- on and a demonstration.
    Show the depth of science behind Flashlight: validity, etc.
    I would prefer to do in-house training to having a Flashlight trainer come to my campus. I would like more "train the trainer" time so I or some other trainer would be able to do the job locally.
    I would suggest that the provider of Flashlight connect with campuses throug possibly the campus teaching and learning center to understand the needs of the campuses and their hopes for Flashlight and then construct the training program to meet those needs.
    Materials are too narrowly focussed. Administrative uses of the application (re administrative services) needs to be strengthened.
    Place space on the Web Future Date and time of Training at 16 Campus. Be able to go to other unc Campuses to attend training sessions.

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