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UNC Flashlight Statewide Training Workshop Survey [RESULTS] p a g e s 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Flashlight Resources:

Describe any additional help that you need from the provider of Flashlight:

12 Responses

Flashlight administrator 44%
Flashlight trainer 33%
Flashlight user 22%

Provide additional training descriptions:

    Additional training will be needed for full implementation throughout the campus.
    Give us more frequent updates and provide us with beta sites to use.
    We are already in contact with Patti
    Online training manual Print training manual
    A training session is planned university and for the School of Education
    Training in the actual use of the product, such as constructing meaningful evaluation instruments for different populations.
    Not sure at this time.
    Need to be able to access more information about the many useses of Flashlight on the web, Need FAQ about Flashlight web access.

Other descriptions:

    Once we have our plans together, I'll be in contact about what Flashlight and UNC TLT could help with.
    Since a lot of campuses are using Blackboard, and this product does provide a surveying tool, it would help if a "selling point" is provided to faculty members as of why Flashlight is better than Blackboard. (FYI, Blackboard does have the ability to create survey pools as well for sharing of questionaires).
    Administrative training
    Not sure

In what ways could the UNC TLT Collaborative assist you with Flashlight use?

12 Responses

    Not sure.
    Keep informed of what my sister institutions are using it for and how well it is being accepted and what changes we as a collaborative feel we need to do to improve.
    More training and update information.
    share surveys. make surveys that cross campuses to do research
    Training manuals
    Providing consultation on the surveys that we developmed is a real need.
    Set up the necessary training that would be more meaningful than the last session. Help the trainer to understand the needs of the universities involved. Maybe address the training to the various levels of expertise which the users and administrator already have.
    Not sure at this time.
    Share applications projects and results. Share original questions and/or instruments devised by UNC users.
    Keep a record of the surveys each campus has developed.
    sharing applications of its use
    Be update and inform of addtional discussion groups and meeting to share information.

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