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National Service-Learning Clearinghouse
The National Service-Learning Clearinghouse supports the Service-Learning community in higher education, kindergarten through grade twelve, community-based initiatives and tribal programs, as well as all others interested in strengthening schools and communities using Service-Learning techniques and . . .
Keywords:  Service-Learning.
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Colorado State University Service Integration Project
The Service Integration Project (SIP) is a program of the Office for Service-Learning and Volunteer Programs at Colorado State University, which facilitates student-centered, experiential education that enhances classroom learning, addresses community issues, and encourages civic responsibility. SIP . . .
Keywords:  Service-Learning.
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Service-Learning at Duke University
The Service-Learning program at Duke University promotes Service-Learning as an innovative pedagogy for incorporating ethical inquiry across the curriculum. Service-Learning integrates community service within an academic course while providing students with structured opportunities to reflect criti . . .
Keywords:  Service-Learning.
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The Collaboration - For the advancement of College Teaching and Learning
The Collaboration, in its own words, is an alliance of colleges and universities that supports and promotes outstanding college teaching. It provides professional support and renewal for those who want to enhance student learning through involvement in an inter-institutional and interdisciplinary co . . .
Keywords:  Active Learning, Brain-based Teaching, Cooperative Learning, Critical Thinking, Diversity, Service-Learning.
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Portland State University's Center for Academic Excellence (CAE)
The main goal of Portland State University's CAE is to promote and support academic excellence in Teaching and Learning, Community Based Learning & University Assessment. The CAE assists individual faculty, interest groups, department, schools and colleges in reaching their goals. Here you will find . . .
Keywords:  Teaching Excellence,Learning Excellence,Community-Based Learning,University Assessment,Teaching with Technology,Portfolio Dev,GA Dev,Service-Learning.
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Center for Instructional Development and Research-University of Washington
The Center for Instructional Development and Research recognizes that the University of Washington strives for excellence in three areas: research, teaching, and service. CIDR has collected resources, examples, insights from faculty, and stories from students in order to help members of the UW teac . . .
Keywords:  Inclusive Teaching, TA, Assessment, Course Design, First Day, Cooperative Learning, Problem-Based Learning, Service-Learning, Undergrad Research, Handbook for TA's, Portfolios, Midterm Feedback
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UNCC University Learning Center
The University Learning Center is dedicated to providing quality services and programs to members of the UNC Charlotte campus community. In our policies, practices, programs, and services, we endeavor to promote student self-responsibility, increase learning effectiveness, enhance student success a . . .
Keywords:  unc schools UNCC University of North Carolina at Charlotte services learning support
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Campus Compact Service-Learning Syllabi
In this section of the Campus Compact web site, we find over 200 exemplary Service-Learning syllabi across a wide variety of disciplines. The introduction is particularly helpful in that it provides a framework by which educators can best conceptualize integrating Service-Learning into their courses . . .
Keywords:  Service-Learning, Creating Syllabi.
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The Home of Service-Learning on the World Wide Web
Since 1993, this web site continues to serve as a virtual tour to, and a library of, Service-Learning, with its primary focus as Service-Learning in higher education. Some of the important components of the site are the Guide to College and University Service-Learning Programs, Courses and Syllabi; . . .
Keywords:  Service-Learning.
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Compendium of Assessment and Research Tools (CART)
The Compendium of Assessment and Research Tools (CART) is a database that provides information on instruments that measure attributes associated with youth development programs. CART includes descriptions of research instruments, tools, rubrics, and guides and is intended to assist those who have an . . .
Keywords:  service learning
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AAHE Service Learning Project
This site is sponsored by the American Association for Higher Education, and includes:
  • Service-Learning Resources: Upcoming Disciplinary and Service-Learning Events 2002-2003
  • AAHE Series on Service-Learning in the Discipli . . .
Keywords:  service learning
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Publications Search - 9 results

Why Community Service and Service-Learning? Providing Rationale and Research
This article presents the major rationales for community service and Service-Learning, that is, providing a meaningful role for adolescents, instilling civic responsibility, and ?reconstructing the village? through partnerships between adults and young people. Written by Daniel F. Perkins and Joyce . . .
Keywords:  Service-Learning.
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Service-Learning: A Movement's Pioneers Reflect On Its Origins, Practice, and Future
In this book, leaders in Service-Learning describe their early efforts to combine education with social action. Through this book, authors Timothy K. Stanton, Dwight E. Giles, Jr. and Nadinne I. Cruz help new practitioners, and the broader education community, become aware of Service-Learning's hist . . .
Keywords:  Service-Learning.
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Assessing Service-Learning And Civic Engagement: Principles And Techniques
This monograph, courtesy Campus Compact, offers a broad overview of many issues related to assessment in higher education, with specific application for better understanding the impact of Service-Learning and civic engagement initiatives. It presents a good discussion of strategies for data collecti . . .
Keywords:  Service-Learning, Assessment.
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How Service-Learning Affects Students
This study, by Alexander W. Astin, Lori J. Vogelgesang, Elaine K. Ikeda and Jennifer A. Yee, directly compares Service-Learning and community service, in order to identify the unique contributions of course-based service beyond those of community service. It also attempts to understand more fully ho . . .
Keywords:  Service-Learning.
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Fundamentals Of Service-Learning Course Construction
This book assists faculty in course design, development, and construction of Service-Learning syllabi. This volume, by Kerrissa Heffernan, offers six models for Service-Learning courses, a cataloged sample of Service-Learning assignments, sample service-learning syllabi, and sample syllabi from ser . . .
Keywords:  Service-Learning, Creating Syllabi, Course Design, Course Planning.
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Discovering Leadership Through Service: A Workbook On Integrating Service Into Leadership Curriculum
Discovering Leadership through Service provides students, faculty, and community agencies with the necessary tools to implement a meaningful Service-Learning experience to enhance leadership development. This workbook, by Kris Binard and Lynn Hertrick Leavitt, is written in four sections designed to . . .
Keywords:  Service-Learning, Leadership.
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Service-Learning: Applications From The Research
This book deals with research cases of Service-Learning. The chapters offer documentation and analysis useful to an emerging research knowledge base, a starting point for the evidence needed to firmly establish Service-Learning for K-12 students as a widely accepted way of teaching and learning. Edi . . .
Keywords:  Service-Learning, Experiential Learning.
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Combining Service And Learning
Combining Service and Learning, by Jane C. Kendall and Associates, is an essential resource for those who seek to enrich students' understanding of the communities and nation in which they live. This 3-volume resource book shows us how to prepare today's youth to meet the unprecedented challenges of . . .
Keywords:  Service-Learning, Experiential Learning.
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Combining Service and Learning
Service-learning integrates community service into a traditional academic curriculum. Courses that have a service component help students connect material learned in class and experiences acquired in their placements. "For Your Consideration..." (FYC) # 13, produced by the Center for Teaching and Le . . .
Keywords:  FYC, active learning, activities outside class, service-learning, community service, evaluation systems
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