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Center for Academic Excellence-Tufts University
The Center for Academic Excellence helps Tufts faculty members in their dual role as researchers and teachers. They assist faculty in experimenting with new pedagogical methods, thesis advising, writing projects and research, etc. Also on this website are links to various teaching centers. Amongst t . . .
Keywords:  Teaching Handbook, TA Handbook,Essays,Electronic Class Discussion, Course Design, Philosophy, Collaborative Strategies, Lecture Strategies, Testing and Grading, Writing Assignments, Teaching with Technology
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Center for Instructional Development and Research-University of Washington
The Center for Instructional Development and Research recognizes that the University of Washington strives for excellence in three areas: research, teaching, and service. CIDR has collected resources, examples, insights from faculty, and stories from students in order to help members of the UW teac . . .
Keywords:  Inclusive Teaching, TA, Assessment, Course Design, First Day, Cooperative Learning, Problem-Based Learning, Service-Learning, Undergrad Research, Handbook for TA's, Portfolios, Midterm Feedback
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Testing, Grading, Student Conduct, and Classroom Management
Tthe University of Washington's Center for Instructional Development and Research (CIDR) web pages list web-sites that may help you to envision and design your course.
Keywords:  Course Design/Planning, Classroom Management, Testing Grading & Assessment
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Resources on Teaching and Learning: Books, Articles, and Websites
This website gives an elaborate listing of resources on the topics of Teaching and Learning. Teaching and Learning Centers across the United States have contributed to this list, including those at Indiana University, Northwestern University, the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Stanford Uni . . .
Keywords:  Course Design,Getting Started,Collaborative Strategies,TA Training, Writing, Testing, Grading, Technology, Lecture Strategies, Discussion Strategies.
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Teaching Tips Index
The Teaching Tips index has links to various topics of interest to faculty. This website is created by the Honolulu Community College as a part of their Faculty Development endeavor. Included are articles from various sources, dealing with wide-ranging issues, such as Course Design, Difficult Behavi . . .
Keywords:  Course Design, First Day, Human Development, Teaching Techniques, Course Syllabus, Motivating Students.
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Course Development
The Center for Teaching and Learning offers a reflective planning process designed to assist faculty in the conception, design, practice, and assessment of course experiences at UNC-Chapel Hill. Faculty who wish to participate this program should submit a written project proposal or arrange a meetin . . .
Keywords:  course development, course planning, course development, course revision, instructional development, instructional grant
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Publications Search - 7 results

Fundamentals Of Service-Learning Course Construction
This book assists faculty in course design, development, and construction of Service-Learning syllabi. This volume, by Kerrissa Heffernan, offers six models for Service-Learning courses, a cataloged sample of Service-Learning assignments, sample service-learning syllabi, and sample syllabi from ser . . .
Keywords:  Service-Learning, Creating Syllabi, Course Design, Course Planning.
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What Works in Online Courses
"What Works" is the result of an instructional design workshop aimed at identifying issues that affect online instructors when developing or delivering online courses. This resource introduces best practices for developing online courses, and recommends course design strategies that address the issu . . .
Keywords:  instructional design, online learning, design strategies, e-learning, distance education, instructional methods, SLN, SUNY Learning Network
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Accessible online course design
Article provides practical tips for designing an online course that provides all individuals useful access to the information presented. Issues to consider when designing an accessible course are discussed such as color-blind images, descriptive transcripts, captioning, and providing offline resour . . .
Keywords:  accessibility, web design, enabling technology, online course design, disabled students, color blind, Virgil E. Varvel, Jr., University of Illinois
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Teaching Large Lecture Classes
The Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has compiled interviews with faculty and TAs concerning what they know and like about teaching undergraduates at UNC. This compilation forms what the Center refers to as the "teacher's desk reference." It is a w . . .
Keywords:  FYC, teaching techniques, large classes, large lectures, precept sections, TAs, course planning, exams, grading
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The Course Syllabus: A Learning-Centered Approach
Your syllabus can be an important point of interaction between you and your students, both in and out of class. This practical guide, by Judith Grunert, frames the process of developing a comprehensive student syllabus as a reflective exercise that leads to course improvements. Read more about the b . . .
Keywords:  Course Design, Creating Syllabi.
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Syllabus development
The Center for Teaching and Learning offers an on-line guide to assist UNC instructors in course planning through the process of syllabus preparation. The guide is designed to assist faculty in creating a draft syllabus in the form of an editable html file which may then be uploaded to a web site an . . .
Keywords:  course development, planning, develop, syllabus preparation, prepare
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Teacher education online: Trials, tribulations, and successes of course development
* by Patricia A. McGee, The University of Texas at San Antonio

This paper focuses on the actual course development of Computers in the Classroom, a course delivered through electronic means and without regular, face-to-face meetings. It describes the process of course development and the course d . . .

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