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ECU Information Technology and Computing Services
ECU Information Technology and Computing Services

Includes information about :
Client Services
PDA support
software downloads
news about upcoming events
news about technological initiatives at ECU

Keywords:  ECU East Carolina University support training computer unc schools
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Shaping the Information & Communication Technology Infrastructure at NC State
Slides from the Information Technology Division Open Forum sponsored by the Teaching Learning and Technology Roundtable at NC State and held January 31, 2002 provide a look at various IT topics, as they exist at the moment. Support for student IT fluency, wireless technologies, security challenges, . . .
Keywords:  Information Technology, Teaching with Technology.
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Handheld Computers and Wireless Environments in Education
Handheld computers in a wireless environment can be used to facilitate student learning, provide feedback to instructors about students' understanding of material, and gather assessment data during instruction. Many projects exist that utilize either handheld devices, wireless environments, or both . . .
Keywords:  handheld, wireless
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Medical PDA links
A comprehensive list of PDA links and PDA medical links
Keywords:  PDA, Medicine
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Palmtop Medicine at VCU
Medical students have joined faculty in testing the usefulness of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) in the clinical setting.
Keywords:  PDA, Palm. medicine
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Project Numina - UNC Wilmington
Project Numina is an attempt to improve meaningful learning of abstract science and mathematics concepts by integrating media, interactive exercises, and hypertext materials into the classroom using hand-held PCs (H/PCs) connected to a wireless network. This technology provides students with a rich . . .
Keywords:  Cheminstry, wireless, hand-held PCs
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Using Wireless Palm Technology to Promote Active Learning in the Classroom
Western Carolina University, Dr. Frank Prochaska, Mr. Robert Orr, Dr. Robert Houghton, and Dr. Robbie Pittman.

A University Of North Carolina Teaching and Learning Collaborative Grant

Western Carolina University is proposing to investigate how wireless palm technology can be used to achieve . . .

Keywords:  tlt teaching and learnign with technology unc schools WCU Western Carolina University research palm experimental
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Bluetooth Gives Disabled Students Wireless Access to Course Content
The National Star College of Further Education in Cheltenham, UK, has set up a Bluetooth network to let its 150 physically disabled or brain-injured students access course content and other resources and submit schoolwork wirelessly using laptop computers.
Keywords:  Assistive Technology, physically challenged, disabled, disability, wireless, brain-injured
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