Project Numina - UNC Wilmington
Project Numina is an attempt to improve meaningful learning of abstract science and mathematics concepts by integrating media, interactive exercises, and hypertext materials into the classroom using hand-held PCs (H/PCs) connected to a wireless network. This technology provides students with a rich variety of resources to learn the abstract concepts of chemistry, mathematics, and computer science while at the same time increasing student-instructor and student-student interactions. This technology also provides instructors with a powerful new tool for assessing student learning through the use of interactive tests that can contain audio, video, animations, and full-color pictures. Hand-held PCs and a wireless network will be available to participants during the presentation to demonstrate the hardware, software, and learning materials that have been developed for this project.
Keywords: Cheminstry, wireless, hand-held PCs
Focus Area: Teaching and Learning
Scope: Global , UNC Wilmington
Resource Type: Projects and Initiatives
Entry Date: April 23, 2002