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Centers, Organizations, Interest Groups Search - 4 results

1  American Evaluation Association
This international association is devoted to the appliation and exploration of program evaluation, personal evaluation, technology, and many other forms of evaluation. Evaluation involves asessing the strengths and weaknesses of programs, policies, pesonnel, products and organizaitons to improve ef . . .
Keywords:  evaluation of faculty,evaluation of staff,program assessment,technology, teaching support
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2  The Evaluation Center
The Center's mission is to provide national and international leadership for advancing the theory and practice of program, personnel, and student/constituent evaluation, as applied primarily to education and human services. The Center's principal activities are research, development, dissemination, . . .
Keywords:  program assessment, evaluation of faculty, evaluation of staff
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3  Center for Educational Devleopment and Assessment (CEDA)
CEDA is a private consulting coporation founded for the purpose of translating research in the field of evaluation and assessment into operational practices and programs. CEDA has been offering consulting services and professional enrichment seminars and workshops for college and university faculty . . .
Keywords:  evaluation of faculty,faculty roles and rewards,leadership,professional development
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4  The Individual Development Educational Assessment (IDEA) Center
The center's mission is to assist in the assessment and improvement of teaching and learning at colleges and universities. Sample forms for student rating/faculty evaluation and feedback assessment for chairs, deans and administrators are avaliable on-line.
Keywords:  evaluation of faculty,program assessment,professional development,departmental/organizational development
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People (specialists, consultants, facilitators) Search - 3 results

5  Robert M. Diamond
The National Academy for Academic Leadership,  St. Petersburg FL
Bob is president of this national academy. He served for over 20 years as Asst. Vice Chancellor at Syracuse University, where he was also Research Professor and Director of the Institute for Change in Higher Education. From 1991-1999 he directed the National Project on Institutional Priorities and . . .
Keywords:  tenure and promotion,faculty roles and rewards,curriculum,leadership,evaluation of faculty
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6  Irene W.D. Hecht
Higher Education Associates,  Portland OR
Hecht is a consultant to and Senior Associate with ACE, directing their Department Chair Program since 1992. She has 25 years experience as a teacher, scholar, tenured faculty member and administrator and now devotes her energies to working with department chairs. Working now from Portland, OR, He . . .
Keywords:  duties and responsibilities,managment skills,leadership,evaluation of faculty,teaching support
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7  Jon F. Wergin
Professor, Educational Studies
Virginia Commonwealth University,  Richmond VA
Wergin, founding director of AAHE's Forum on Faculty Roles and Rewards and Senior Scholar with AAHE's New Pathways II project, has been focusing his scholarly energy on the academic department as an agent of change. He is a consultant for the Pew Charitable Trusts on their survey of quality assuran . . .
Keywords:  change, faculty roles and rewards, evaluation of faculty, departmental/organizaitonal development
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Publications Search - 14 results

8  Preparing for Academic Performance Appraisals
The purpose of this article is to help academic administrators transform the appraisal interview into a positive experience by highlighting the importance of advance preparation. The preparation process includes understanding career stages, determining evaluation and professional development goals, . . .
Keywords:  communication skills, evaluation of faculty
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9  Enhancing Faculty Performance Through Collegially Grounded Rewards Systems
The authors (R. Clifton and H. Rubenstein)of this article (Academic Leader, June 2002)contend that the traditional faculty rewards structure addresses performance individually, which inadvertently places a greater burden on good instructors and stifles collaboration. To overcome the shortcomings of . . .
Keywords:  faculty roles and rewards,evaluation of faculty,program assessment
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10  Supporting Teaching in Your Department
According to this article in Academic Leader (June 2002), while not every faculty member has the potential of becoming a great teacher, chairs can do a lot to get faculty to focus on and improve their teaching by setting an example, providing incentives, and creating an atmosphere i which discussion . . .
Keywords:  roles and responsibilities,teaching support,evaluation of faculty
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11  UNC Intercampus Dialogue on Peer Review of Teaching: Results and Recommendations
In 1993 the UNC GA directed all constituent institutions to design and implement procedures for peer review of teaching. IN 1996, the Carolina Colloquy for University Teaching received a grant from UNC GA to design and sonsor an intercampus dialogue on peer review of teaching. 56 faculty from UNC . . .
Keywords:  evaluation of faculty,teaching support,faculty roles and rewards, research development
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12  Aligning Faculty Rewards with Institutional Mission: Statements, Policies and Guidelines
R. Diamond, Anker Publishing, 1998. This book is designed for individuals at all levels of the institution who are charged with developing a coordinated faculty rewards system: from trustee to president to dept. chair to faculty member serving on relevant committees. This book provides guidelines . . .
Keywords:  faculty roles and rewards,departmental/organizational development,evaluation of faculty
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13  Why So Slow? The Advancement of Women
V. Valian, MIT Press, 1998. This book uses concepts and data from psychology, sociology, economics and biology to explain the disparity in the professional advancement of men and women. According to Valian, men and women alike have implicit hypotheses about gender differences--gender schemas--that . . .
Keywords:  gender-related issues,professional development,evaluation of faculty,leadership
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14  Developming a Comprehensive Faculty Evaluation System
R. Arreola, Anker Publishing, 2002. This highly successful handbook provides practical, proven models for developing and using a comprehensive faculty evaluation system. Based on 30 years of research and experience b . . .
Keywords:  evaluation of faculty, faculty rles and rewards, legal issues
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15  Jossey-Bass books on higher education
On-line and hard copy catalogs available. Focuses on providing essential knowledge and promoting professional learning, especially in leadership, administration and policy. This includes: duties/responsibilities (for chairs, deans and/or administrators), faculty roles and rewards, budgeting, legal . . .
Keywords:  general resource
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16  The Department Chair as Academic Leader
Irene W.D. Hecht, Mary Lou Higgerson, Walter H. Gmelch and Allan Tucker. Westport, CT: American Council on Education/Oryx Press, 1998. This important new work will help department chairs, faculty, and administrators understand and address the increasing complexity of relationships within higher ed . . .
Keywords:  evaluation of staff,evaluation of faculty,team building,budgets and budgeting,legal issues,fundraising,communication skills
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17  The Department Chair's Role in Developing New Faculty into Teachers and Scholars
Estela Mara Bensimon, Kelly Ward, and Karla Sanders. Bolton, MA: Anker Publishing Co., 2000. Hiring new tenure-track faculty and seeing them through to tenure is an onerous responsibility for department chairs, with significant departmental and institutional consequences. The Department Chair's Rol . . .
Keywords:  junior faculty, recruitment of faculty, evaluation of faculty
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18  Departmental Leadership in Higher Education
Peter Knight and Paul Trowler, editors. This book is primarily aimed at those who have, or will have, a role in leading departments or teams in higher education institutions. It examines the ways in which mainstream leadership thinking does - and does not - apply to departments and teams in HEIs a . . .
Keywords:  leadership, evaluation of faculty, research development, professional development, team building
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19  Serving on Promotion and Tenure Committees: A Faculty Guide
Robert M. Diamond. Bolton, MA: Anker Publishing Co., 1994. This practical guidebook for committee members ensures a fair review process and provides recommendations about both process and documentation. It identifies specific issues to consider, lists questions to ask, and provides recommendations . . .
Keywords:  tenure and promotion, evaluation of faculty, faculty roles and rewards
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20  Assessing Faculty Work: Enhancing Individual and Institutional Performance
Larry A. Braskamp and John C. Ory, Josse-Bass Publishers, 1994. This book is a resource for fostering and assessing faculty achievement in all aspects of their work: teaching, research, practice and citizenship. The authors identify major elements of faculty assessment--setting expectations, colle . . .
Keywords:  evaluation of faculty, program assessment, departmental/organizational development
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21  The Academic Dean: Dove, Dragon, and Diplomat
Allan Tucker And Robert A. Bryan, ACE and MacMillan Publishing, 1991. This book contributes to the literature on admnistration, the role of the dean and policy issues faced by faculty and administrators at all levels. It gives current and aspiring deans, as well as chairs, faculty and trustees und . . .
Keywords:  change,budgets and budgeting, evaluation of faculty,leadership, management skills,orientation
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