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1  Center for Teaching Excellence-University of Kansas
The Center for Teaching Excellence, developed by faculty and administrators to support teaching at the University of Kansas, has as its primary goal advocating and fostering Teaching Excellence. The website provides information about the Staff and Ambassadors for the CTE . It also provides links to . . .
Keywords:  Professional Dev,GTAs, Essays, Instructional Dev,Tips, Writing, Active Learning, Case Studies, First Day, Teaching Approaches, Assignments, Evaluation, Teaching Portfolios.
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2  University of Virginia -Teaching Resource Center
The Teaching Resource Center at the University of Virginia offers a number of services and resource materials designed to enhance the teaching abilities of faculty and teaching assistants. On this website, some of the more useful links provide resources on the various workshops (including department . . .
Keywords:  Workshops, Writing, Teaching Portfolios,Teaching and Technology Initiative.
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3  Center for Teaching - University of Massachusetts, Amherst
The services of the Center for Teaching (CFT) include consultations with individual faculty and departments, annual award programs, TA training and support, yearly campus-wide events, resource development and distribution, and research and funded grants. UMA received The 2000 Hesburgh Award for havi . . .
Keywords:  Teaching Development,Consultations,Midterm Assessment,TA Orientation,TA Handbook,Instructional Video,Teaching Portfolio,Disabilities,Accessibility.
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4  TA Handbook Database Query Results
This site, courtesy of Tufts University, provides a wide range of resources for TAs. It includes links to TA Handbooks, as published by various Universities. It also includes useful links to relevant essays.
Keywords:  TA, TA Handbook, Debates, Assessment, Grading, Problem Solving, Teaching Portfolio, Distance Learning, Information Literacy.
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5  Successful Use Of Teaching Portfolios
This book presents the concept of the teaching portfolio and how to prepare one, describes a Portfolio Mentor and how portfolios are used - specifically how they are used to make personnel decisions. Half of the book consists of sample portfolios from various disciplines. Written by Peter Seldin. Pu . . .
Keywords:  Teaching Portfolios.
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