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Shaping the Information & Communication Technology Infrastructure at NC State
Slides from the Information Technology Division Open Forum sponsored by the Teaching Learning and Technology Roundtable at NC State and held January 31, 2002 provide a look at various IT topics, as they exist at the moment. Support for student IT fluency, wireless technologies, security challenges, . . .
Keywords:  Information Technology, Teaching with Technology.
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Multimedia Users Group for Teaching and Learning
Coordinated by the Learning Technology Service at NC State University, the Multimedia Users Group is a good source of information on Multimedia Tools and their use in Teaching and Learning. The monthly sessions are provided for NC State faculty and graduate students attempting to integrate multimedi . . .
Keywords:  Teaching with Technology, Multimedia.
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Center for Learning Technologies
The Center for Learning Technologies (CLT) facilitates faculty, staff, and student use of electronic media, tools, and resources. Its objective is not only to help keep the college aware of the technology available for enhancing learning, research, and professional practice, but also to provide an e . . .
Keywords:  education technology
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UNCCH Technology in Context Services
Technology in Context is a support consortium comprised of faculty and staff from many organizations at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The consortium, advised by the Faculty Information Technology Advisory Committee, is coordinating efforts to support faculty, sta . . .
Keywords:  technology teaching online learning e-learning unc schools uncch University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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UNCCH Faculty Information Technology Advisory Committee
The Faculty Information Technology Advisory Committee (FITAC) is a standing committee of the Faculty Council. Its charge is to consider issues pertaining to the use of technology in teaching and other professional activities at UNC-CH. The Committee also . . .
Keywords:  teaching UNC schools UNCCH University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill FITAC
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UNCG Distance Learning and Professional Development Courses
UNCG Division of Continual Learning.

UNCG has been participating in a UNC system-wide program called Independent Study by Extension for several years. Sometimes referred to as correspondence study, the program offers numerous courses in a wide range of disciplines. UNCG also administers a number . . .

Keywords:  distance learning professional development continual UNCG university of north carolina at greensboro
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UNCG TLC Video Collection
Policies and procedures for use of the instructional and browsing video colelctions. Search the collection by title, series, subject, or description.
Keywords:  university north carolina greensboro tlc video instruction support
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UNCG Teaching, Learning and Technology Roundtable
Information about the roundtable and their activities at UNCG.
Keywords:  university north carolina greensboro tlt ltc teaching learning technology roundtable
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UNCG TLC K-12 Materials Collection
Provides materials to support the teacher education programs of UNCG. These materials include K-12 tradebooks, textbooks (current adoption plus one previous adoption), curriculum guides (state, local, and regional) material emphasizing practical teaching aids, selection tools including bibliographic . . .
Keywords:  university north carolina greensboro teaching materials k-12 tlc cmc teacher education
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UNCG Instructional Development Services
Instructional Developent services include assisting faculty members in enhancing teaching skills, improving courses, and resolving instructional problems. The staff plans and coordinates workshops related to classroom instruction, evaluation, management, and student learning. The Center maintains . . .
Keywords:  university of north carolina at greensboro UNCG instructional development services support faculty development
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