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UNC Professional Development Portal (PDP)

The UNC Professional Development Portal (PDP) is a strategic service component of the TLT Collaborative, designed to provide an increasing range of online professional development resources for faculty, staff, and administrators throughout UNC. Differentiating the developing Portal from other related types of resources are plans to incorporate a fully collaborative model environment for the dissemination, review, evaluation, and discussion of professional development in all aspects of higher education.

The Portal is initially being developed to provide common access to materials in the following topic areas:

Teaching and Learning
Human Resources
Administrative Leader Development

The portal is designed so that UNC campuses, offices and services can link directly to specific resource information from their own Web sites, thereby reducing duplication of information.

The Portal allows participants to search and browse news, events, organizations, specialists, publications, training materials, projects, funding resources, and other materials through a single UNC-wide gateway. Participants may also submit materials and develop customized searches and interfaces to access the Portal.

Professional Development Portal Site


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Early History

Project Review, August 2000
Original State Aid Grant Proposal (Training and Development for Teaching Faculty and Instructional Technology Staff)


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