2004 UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference
March 1719, Charlotte, NC



The topic areas shown here include ongoing, new, and potential TLT issues faced by UNC campuses and personnel.

Hot Topics
Sessions in this area will focus attention on promising practices and emerging technologies that demonstrate strong potential to shape future approaches to instructional activity and policy.

Instructional Development and Delivery
New technologies and changes in the student population are exerting increasing influence on the kinds of learning experiences that campuses offer.

Bringing Technology into Teaching and Learning Practice
These sessions focus on the pedagogical implications of using technology in a variety of instructional settings.

Library Issues
Librarians provide a unique perspective on TLT issues, from their support of faculty teaching to their interaction with students on and off campus.

Technology Skills
Fluency with technological tools is a clear prerequisite for their effective application in instructional contexts.

Collaborative Relationships
Collaborative approaches foster community processes and provide creative solutions for TLT issues.

Administrative Matters
Administrators and other campus leaders are currently addressing a number of potentially difficult TLT-related issues.

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