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Portland State University's Center for Academic Excellence (CAE)
The main goal of Portland State University's CAE is to promote and support academic excellence in Teaching and Learning, Community Based Learning & University Assessment. The CAE assists individual faculty, interest groups, department, schools and colleges in reaching their goals. Here you will find . . .
Keywords:  Teaching Excellence,Learning Excellence,Community-Based Learning,University Assessment,Teaching with Technology,Portfolio Dev,GA Dev,Service-Learning.
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AAHE Assessment Forum
The AAHE Assessment Forum is the primary national network connecting and supporting higher education stakeholders involved in assessment. It promotes thoughtful, effective approaches to assessment that involve faculty, benefit students, and improve the quality of . . .
Keywords:  aahe, Classroom Assessment Techniques
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CAA - Computer Assisted Assessment Centre
Part of the Implementation and Evaluation of Computer Assisted Assessment project; by identifying existing good practice in the use of Computer Aided Assessment, the project aims to demonstrate how to overcome the organisational, pedagogic and technical difficulties of using CAA in higher educ . . .
Keywords:  classroom assessment, Classroom Assessment Techniques
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Field-tested Learning Assessment Guide (FLAG) for Science, Math, Engineering & Technology Instructors
This Primer is designed to welcome you to the world of classroom assessment. Developed by the College Level One (CL-1) Team. Learn better ways to assess student learning in your class and in helping your students become more reflective and effective l . . .
Keywords:  assessment student learning theories evaluation measurement
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Classroom Assessment Techniques: A Handbook For College Teachers
This book offers teachers at all levels of experience detailed, how-to advice on Classroom Assessment - from what it is and how it works to how to plan, implement, and analyze assessment projects. The authors, Thomas A. Angelo and K. Patricia Cross, illustrate their approach through numerous case st . . .
Keywords:  Assessment, Classroom Assessment Techniques.
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Three Classroom Techniques that Promote Student Learning
An article by Tom Creed on teaching strategies.

Three Classroom Techniques that Promote Enhanced Student Learning:

  • Pre-class Writing Assignments
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Formative Feedback from Students (Classroom Assessment)

Keywords:  classroom teaching strategies cognitive motivation cooperative learning assessment formative
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